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Peoples of Granada: Jubar and the oath |Ideal


Located 131 km from the Nasrid capital, in the eastern part of the Alpujarra Granada, it limits only 4 kilometers from the province of Almería.His name probably has its origin of the Arab 'al-Jub' which means well.It is a quiet refuge barely affected by time and enjoy one of the best views of the entire region.

On a trail over its streets, you can glimpse a traditional architecture very integrated in the lush vegetation.It is worth visiting the old laundry room and the eras of the threshing.The Castillejo de Jubar are remains of an ancient fortification where there is only a wide wall that possibly served to protect the interior.The Church of the Christ of the Column is another place that has the charm of the magical, is dated in the twelfth century and is one of the oldest in the Alpujarra, with a Mudejar -style bead that treasures inside some medieval paintings madeDry, recently discovered.But what caught my attention is the iron weather vane that shows the wind of Christ and the star of David of five points.If we add to that that in its origins this temple could be mosque, we verify that the church of Jubar becomes an emblem of the fusion of the three religions, so characteristic of our Alpujarra.

If you want to find the accommodation, you will have to move to a nearby town, such as walking ten minutes to Laroles, where the Nevada City Council is located.Here is the Real Hotel, the Rural Casa Barranco de la Salud, (the name already says everything) or the Cortijo the Benaventes and some more.To replenish forces are the Montesinos restaurants, Fuente Mauricio and chef place, all highly recommended.The typical cuisine of the area is the crumbs, the porridge, bean casserole and the fennel poure.

There is a legend that starts a day in which the sun was putting on the Sierra de Lujar, with the last rays of orange and red tones and shyly peeked through a dark sky loaded with black clouds.The pilgrim's footsteps left no mark on the newly fallen snow, only the icy wind accompanied the mysterious character through the streets of Jubar.He stopped in front of a door that he pushed with decision.

- Who is going?

- A poor walker who asks for shelter!

The door opened by seeing the face of a beautiful black -eyed girl.

"A little higher there is a fonda where you can stay.

"Tell your grandfather that I'm an old friend.

Pueblos de Granada: Júbar y el juramento | Ideal

Behind the girl an old man appeared with a long and white beard like snow.His surprise was capitalized when he recognized the stranger.

"Maria's ... I attend the Lord—.The girl turned away and introduced inside the house.

"Is she my payment?" Asked the stranger.The old man's gaze became a torva, letting man pass into the interior.

"I didn't expect you so soon.

"Is fifty years soon?" He said with a sneer as he sat next to the fireplace.

—You must fulfill the oath, otherwise you know what will happen.

"Maria, go to your father's house and tell him to come to see me, hurry up,".The girl warm up with a wool gabán with wolf's skin and went out without grinding.

—Guena Moza, will serve for sacrifice.

The old man in a trembling voice rose from the chair and kneel before the stranger.

"God's pity! She is very young ... better ... take me to me.

The stranger hit him and shot the old man backward.

"You know there is plenty.Neither the Arabs, nor Christians loved you in these lands and only your oath you save your life!Now complies ...

The old man looked at the stranger and saw in his black eyes, without iris or eyelashes, accumulated evil for millennia.

"I just ask for a thing before sacrifice, that my granddaughter can marry the church of Jubar.

The sinister character thought about a minute.

"Okay, but I will be the boyfriend, ha ha,.- He said mocking the old man.

"That can't be, she doesn't know you and won't want ..."

"Well, make her and may be merciful and give her a sweeter death.In two days the oath will be fulfilled, that will be the deadline that I give you!

He could not explain to anyone from his family what was happening, they would have taken it crazy, but the truth is that his granddaughter saw in her eyes, the anguish that fighters inside her.

—I will do what you ask for, I have always trusted you and I know what is best for the family, I will marry the stranger.

On the wedding day only the old man's family congregated in the church.The bride dressed in black waited next to the little altar.

"Don't think that being in a church you will be able to get rid of me, the diabolical character said with mockery.

"No, I had gone through my head.

The priest had accessed the old man's prayers to marry his only granddaughter with the stranger, in his church.Everything seemed very rare.

When the rings were going to be exchanged, the lord of darkness took out a beautiful ring with a black diamond that placed on the finger of the girl.Then she did the same with a ring that had given her grandfather minutes before and instead of pronouncing the marriage formula, she repeated what she had taught her.

—What above is like what is down, and what is down is like what is above, to do this wonder is a unique thing.

Shoe rock.

He pronounced those strange words while putting a ring with a David star with five points.He was the one who Solomon received from the heavens and with which he controlled the fallen angels under a temple that watched over the three religions, Arab, Jewish and Christian as he pointed out, the door of the church and the weather vane from the tower.The boyfriend's hand began to burn and screaming he ran out of the church, thus saving the old man from a safe death.The black diamond ring was hidden inside the temple in a secret place for being under protection and only the one that can interpret the paintings of the walls can know its secret.

The most elderly in the town tells that when the devil came out chamuscado of the wedding, he found a huge rock along the way and such was the anger that he had a kicked, leaving his mark marked forever in the 'rock of the shoe'.

Curioso y pertinente

Eduardo Castro

Unlike the protagonist of the story that Cervantes intersperses in the first part of Don Quixote, 'The curious impertinent', he has given me this summer to curly with relevance.Since the three chapters occupied by the story were in the double impertinent dessert, such as Cervantes himself was responsible for referring in the second part of his immortal work (when criticizing, by mouth of Sansón Carrasco, the insertion of that novela in theQuijotesca chronicle: "Not because of bad or reasoned, but for not being that place", or having anything to do "with the history of his mercy Mr. Don Quixote"), I will avoid remembering the ins and outs of that story for that story forStay alone with the outcome: because of her unalsa curiosity, determined to test the loyalty of her wife, after convincing her best friend to court her until she surrendered, the protagonist ends up running out of a wife and without a friend, dying for itof regret.

In my curiosity, however, the love or affective relationships of any character will not have a place, whether famous or unknown, public or private, young or older, man or woman, of defined or fluid sexuality.No gossip or issues related to the heart press.Nothing of political rifirraphs, pseudoperiodistic gatherings, economic contubernios, labor conflicts, sports competitions or medical-sanitary problems.No pandemics or viruses of any kind, of course.Who wants information about these issues, looking in other pages of the newspaper.My curiosity will focus on issues completely to the current news of newspapers and radio and television spaces.I hope, however, that this curiosity of mine achieves, despite that, also awaken your, interesting you with your reading.If so, do not fear that they claim anything personal in return, it will be enough to disclose what they tell them if they consider it useful.But, if not, they have no repair to sue me for it, that I will defend my arguments keeping the identity of my sources safe.

Let's try, to start, with the example that inspired the approach and column title.The idea came to me when my wife asked me if I knew the reason that in the Iberian Peninsula and the Ibero -American countries we carry the surnames of the father and the mother, while in the rest of Europe and the countries of other cultures only the surname is transmittedof one of the parents, traditionally that of the father.The answer was resounding: "I have no idea," I said."Well, I just read that comes from the time of the Inquisition and I don't finish believing it," he replied.And there the curious that I carry inside came into play.Three days it took me to find out.Nothing to do with the Holy Office and the Purity of Blood.This is only a matter of classes, lineages, of nobility.Of presumption, in a word.Something very ours, on the other hand.I will tell you.


Verano IDEAL, Lugares de leyenda

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