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Ibex closes a week of high volatility with accumulated losses of 1%

The Ibex 35 has dropped 1.1%, to 8,609.80 points, in the last week-long session that has been a real roller coaster on the international markets. The national selective is behaving better than its European and American counterparts in a month of January bass on the world stock exchanges, but it still has to continue to climb positions to improve its technical aspect. In the weekly cumulative, the selective has dropped by 0.98%.


"to see a sign of real strength, we should wait for a closure above 8,866 points, tops of what we've been doing this year," says César Nuez, an analyst at 'Trader Watch'. "this would put its price series above the average of 200 sessions, which would certainly improve the technical prospects of Spanish selective," he adds.

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Biden: hay una "clara posibilidad" de que Rusia invada Ucrania en febrero

In addition to Wednesday's Federal Reserve monetary policy decision, which continues to leave large amounts of volatility on Wall Street, European stock exchanges have dropped sharply pending the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and business performance.

On the first front, U.S. President Joe Biden has pointed out that "Russia can invade Ukraine next month," which has made operators nervous.

In addition, Emmanuel Macron has had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin this Friday to try to temper the mood. The Russian government has stated in a statement that neither the US nor NATO have responded to the "main security concerns", although the Kremlin keeps the diplomatic track open.

Other reports indicate that Moscow is waiting for the winter Olympic Games to begin in Beijing on February 4 to launch its offensive, said U.S. Under-Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

Business results

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Apple sube con fuerza tras ganar 34.630 millones de dólares en el trimestre

El Ibex cierra una semana de alta volatilidad con pérdidas acumuladas del 1%

In terms of business performance, Apple's accounts became known Thursday after closing, which surpassed forecasts after earning $34.63 billion in the quarter and went up hard on Wall Street.

In Europe, the LVMH market was confessed, which increased its profit of 2021 by 2.56 to 12,036 million. The French luxury firm has bounced with energy after surpassing consensus forecasts.

This Friday was CaixaBank's turn and Unicredit's turn. The Spanish entity obtained in 2021 an adjusted profit without extraordinary associated with the merger with Bankia of 2,359 million euros, compared with 1,381 million in the previous year.

In addition to the extraordinary effects of the operation, the profit was 5,226 million. In addition, it has announced a dividend of EUR 0.1463 per share and has confirmed that it will repurchase shares throughout the year. However, it has disappointed with the evolution of its interest margin.

Spain's GDP rises by 5% in 2021

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La economía española creció un 5% en 2021, la mayor subida del PIB en 21 años

The Spanish economy closed 2021 with a growth of 5%, which represents the largest increase in gross domestic product (GDP) in 21 years, according to the progress of national accounting data published this Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). In the fourth quarter of the year, it recorded a quarterly rise of 2 per cent, six tenths less than in the previous quarter.

In addition, France's GDP grew by 7 per cent in 2021, its highest rate of expansion since 1969, after a contraction of 8 per cent in 2020.

In the US, underlying PCE inflation, the Fed's favorite measure to calibrate inflation expectations, has closed the year at 4.9%, peaks since 1983 and above 4.8% anticipated by consensus.

Volatility IN wall Street

All this cocktail has weighed on European markets that "have had difficulty dissociating themselves from the volatility observed in the US, with 3% oscillations in Nasdaq for the second consecutive day-the first time this has happened since the 1980s-although they are proving to be a little more resilient," says Michael Hewson, head of analysis at CMC markets.

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CaixaBank recomprará acciones y pagará un dividendo de 0,1463 euros por acción

As for the Asian Parqués, they have largely quoted upwards on Friday. In Japan, the Nikkei 225 won around 2%, after falling almost 3% on Thursday, while the Topix rose 1.8%. The Kospi of South Korea reversed the losses and rose by 1.42%. The Australian ASX 200 advanced by almost 2%.

Other markets

The barrel of Brent oil advances 1.5%, up to $90.70, and is increasingly worth close to $100 per barrel, due to the geopolitical premium for the conflict in Ukraine.

The ounce of gold drops by 0.5%, to $1,785 (it is not acting as an active refuge), while the ounce of silver drops by 1%, up to $22.45.

The euro / dollar advances 0.16%, to $1.1162, after marking lows since the spring of 2020.

Bitcoin goes up 3.7% to $37,217.

The return on the 10-year American bond relaxes to 1.784%, and the return on the 10-year Spanish bond rises to 0.694%.

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CaixaBank earns 2,359 million euros in 2021 without Bankia's extraordinary

PCE inflation in the United States closes the year at 5.8%, peak since 1982

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