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Be more sustainable by using these reusable containers and products

take care of the planet

Take care of the environment with these steel water bottles, fabric sandwich wrappers...

Comparative coffee machines 2022: the best options on the market

Helena Gonzalez

The accumulation of waste and garbage that is not easy to recycle has a damaging effect on the entire planet and is already reaching the point of affecting us. The use of materials that are not good for our body, disposable materials that pollute, plastic Tupperware... The use of these products is easier to avoid than people think and with small actions we can help ourselves and help the environment.

From El Comprador de La Vanguardia we wanted the day of education to serve to improve our routine from now on with products that will help you. Stainless steel straws, glass tupperware, fabric sandwich wrappers... Do not give up anything in your routine or that of your children and with a better result for the planet.

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stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are a convenient way to always carry a drink with you, especially for those who spend all day on the go. You can not only carry water but it is a thermos prepared to maintain the temperature of the drink you prefer, hot or cold.

Avoid buying plastic containers that harm the planet and can only be used once.

buy on amazon for €14.95 See also:

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This thermos with a simple and minimalist design is created for all those who need to have a coffee at work, on the way to university, in a hurry... It is perfect to keep coffee and tea always hot, and you will save money! !

Say goodbye to ordering a coffee in the cafeteria and spending money every day, now you can bring it from your own home. The system withstands heat for up to 5 hours and cold for 9 hours.

buy on amazon for €23.97

fabric sandwich holder

This fabric wrap is an easy and convenient way to carry your sandwich with you in bags or backpacks without staining, and it is also reusable. It has a ribbon closure that will secure the sandwich in place.

You will save money in your home with these washable fabrics made with polyester and cotton.

buy on amazon for €9.95

Snack and food carrier

The sandwich holder properly preserves food without wasting paper and money in the long run. It is extensible, it can be lengthened up to 25 centimeters to fit the size.

It is easy to clean and carry all day in the bag or backpack for children and adults.

buy on amazon for €7.99

48% discount

metal straws

Plastic straws are something we use that only have one use and sometimes we need more than one for just one day. They become a waste and, in addition, they pollute the environment a lot.

Metal straws help to always have a reed on top from which to drink comfortably and without contaminating the liquid we drink. They are washable and with the bag easy to carry everywhere.

buy on amazon for €7.29

portable cutlery

To avoid plastic products even more, for all those who eat out and take Tupperware to work or university, this 8-piece set is perfect. Contains chopsticks, spoon, fork, knife, two metal straws and a straw cleaner.

You will have everything ready and ready to go out the door thanks to the case that includes the cutlery. They are designed with stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning.

buy on amazon for €15.99

Bamboo cutlery set

If, on the other hand, you prefer an organic and material material, these cutlery are made with bamboo. Features a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, steel straw and cleaner.

They are reusable and biodegradable cutlery that do not pollute the environment. In addition, they come in a comfortable carrying bag.

buy on amazon for €11.99

1.5L sports water bottle

If we lead an active life and we want it to be even healthier, we have to be aware that we must drink a lot of water to always stay hydrated. This 1.5 liter capacity bottle is perfect to always carry with you and be prepared to drink the necessary amount of water daily.

It has a comfortable grip and a spout for easy drinking through the straw.

buy on amazon for €19.99

glass food containers

This set of 10 glass containers are perfect for those who eat out. It's an easy way to transport home-cooked food with these different sizes and formats of airtight containers.

The glass won't harm food and they are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

buy on amazon for €32.68

*Prices updated as of January 26, 2022

The news published in the Buyer section objectively and independently suggest products and services that may be of interest to readers. When the user makes a purchase through the specific links that appear in these news items, La Vanguardia receives a commission.

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