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Latem Aluminum and Unimacts agree to take over a large part of the Jupiter Bach staff


With the firm decision by Jupiter Bach to liquidate its plant in the Villadangos industrial estate and given the impossibility of closing an agreement that would save the future of its 49 workers (the initial workforce was 52 but there have been voluntary redundancies), the negotiations aimed at finding accommodation for the workforce in other areas of the Leonese industrial sector seem to have finally borne fruit.

In this line, the negotiations promoted by the Ministry of Employment and Industry have been decisive, which, finally, allow the certain possibility that this workforce can continue active.

The agreement

In this vein, the counselor Ana Carlota Amigo announced this Thursday the agreement between the companies Latem Aluminum, located in the same industrial estate, and Unimacts, located in Valencia de Don Juan, so that they assume a large part of the 49 jobs on the Jupiter Bach staff.

"We have informed the works council that in the first quarter of 2022 they will have 30 confirmed job offers in industries in the province," Amigo reported.

Latem Aluminum is a national and international benchmark in the supply of recycled aluminum alloys and Unimacts Manufacturing Spain is specialized in the manufacture of wind elements.

Gallery. Counselor Amigo attends to the media. /Campillo

The first 30 in the first quarter

According to Ana Carlota Amigo, the first 30 Jupiter Bach workers will be incorporated into these companies "already in the first quarter" of 2022 .

Latem Aluminum and Unimacts agree to take over large part from the Jupiter Bach staff

The rest, as he has reported, will go to a job bank from which they will gradually leave on demand. "There is already an interest in the wood and food industry," the counselor remarked.

Incentives of 10,000 euros per worker

Companies, as an incentive, will receive 10,000 euros per employee they take out of this ERE with an indefinite contract and a two-year stay. All of this will be channeled through the Ministry's 'Challenges' programme.

Reaction of the works council

The Jupiter Bach Works Council and the trade unions, CCOO, USO, UGT have held a meeting with the Minister of Employment of the Junta de Castilla y León, in which the relocation of all the workers who will lose their job in the company has been transferred.

They make a positive evaluation, but in the same way they want to be cautious, since they expect words to be deeds. For this reason they have demanded a Monitoring Commission, which is made up of the union organizations and the Junta de Castilla y León, with the commitment to guarantee full employment.

In this case, the counselor herself, having acquired her commitment so that in these next few days, proceed to the constitution of said Monitoring Commission, and in this way watch over and guarantee compliance and the commitment of the relocation of all workers and workers.

At this moment, the final stretch of the consultation period is being faced, in which in the course of the afternoon, at 11:59 p.m. is the maximum time to reach an adequate and least traumatic agreement, for the group Of the template. At this time there is progress, but insufficient for the situation, so extremely traumatic that it entails the disappearance of all jobs and the closure and disappearance of the multinational.

In addition, Ana Carlota Amigo has remarked that she is sure that "the 49 employees will be relocated in the first quarter of 2022 in these companies."

«My commitment is to change and improve intermediation policies. The committee's proposal for a commission to monitor the insertions is interesting, and they will be done transparently”, he explained.

Unimacts, in full growth

The Unimacts factory, in Valencia de Don Juan, is dedicated to 'composite' pieces -for wind blades-, the same function that Jupiter Bach performed and with the Same model as this company.

The brand is in full evaluation of manufacturing projects for 2022 and is considering a fork of between 10 and 30 workers to incorporate in the first quarter of next year. "We are interested in these people because they have minimal knowledge to work with these pieces," said Pablo Vázquez.

There are currently 70 workers in a plant that in June 2022 barely had two employees.

Latem's commitment

For its part, Latem Aluminum has promised to hire between 10 and 15 workers in the coming months. A commitment that stems from two reasons: the good relationship and commitment with the Board and the Ministry for their support of the industrial project, and the relationship of its largest shareholder, Macario Fernández, with León.

The number of incorporations will vary depending on the appropriate training for the profiles that the company requests. "Looking to the future, in a project already established and with investment commitment, we are awaiting financing from the administrations to find out at what rate the project is developing, so we could require more labor," added Antonio Trevín.

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