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Everything you need to know about Trust Investing

A long time ago I listened for the first time the term Trust Investing.Then a friend proposed to integrate "the company" to "easily and safely manage an exponential growth of my personal peculio.

It was so easy for that strategy of "economic growth", and so juicy, that it did not motivate me to undertake, and not for a fool, that it is recorded, but for what: mature mangoes on the shore of the road ...

I did not suffer any excessive dissuasive attempt on her.I told him that I was not interested, I wished him luck in his new "business" and nothing else.The fact of seeming very good to be true and that this would arouse suspicion did not demonstrate the thesis of being distrustful.At that time I did not try to study or even understand it.

After more than a year, he does not take a day without receiving at least one proposal, direct or indirect, to integrate the easy money boom.Social networks, WhatsApp or Telegram groups, the portal of your home or a tail, anywhere is the ideal scenario for the financial proselytism of the moment.

¿Qué es Trust Investing?

They define a company “leader in cryptoactive management” that, through trading (trade or marketing), arbitration of cryptoactive and incursions into the stock exchange they get extraordinary profitability for their clients for their clients.To do this, according to them, with the best traders you can imagine.

According to the plan revealed by its marketing director, Fabiano Lima, intend to reach one billion dollars in volume of operations to become an offshore bank.A type of bank away from the monetary and fiscal controls of traditional banking.

The advantages of this type of banks, essentially, have to do with the privacy of their users and that it is practically impossible to access data on operations.Surely it already meant, even if it is not learned on the subject, which is a particularly flexible and convenient bank to enter capitals with the objective of tax evasion and even money laundering.

The intentions of this type of financial institutions do not necessarily have to be perverse or evasive, but serve to clarify it for the sake of understanding.

That, according to Lima, would be in approximately 4 years.Meanwhile, they try to duplicate their money within a period as short as the 10 months.Also as he hears.It may sound utopian, the earthly and possible version of the Source of the Tao Yuanming peach garden, but it is exactly what they say they want.

¿Cómo funciona?

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre Trust Investing

Probably at this point he is already thinking, if he did not know about this new "business", which is very good to be true.But with some small test and some refund would suffice many to believe in the advantage of this system.What yes?

You just have to place a minimum balance of 15 USD (that is, its equivalent in Bitcoin, which is the only cryptocurrency that accepts the platform) to test, after all, it would not be dramatically irreparable to lose that amount.Especially when sudden.

There are other variants where you would win even more if you continue to recruit investors in something they call "binary system" and to explain it, you probably get the opposite result to understand what all this is going on.

His CEO Diego Chaves explains with lovely eagerness the benefits of his company as if he narrated Yambulo's journeys through the islands of the Sun.Nothing tells us about university studies or training in the financial or economic field.At 18 he worked in a bakery, according to himself, and did not attend the economy conferences of any university.

What Diego does not tell, who boasts of transparency, is its involvement in 5 judicial processes, 2 of them linked to the financial field.

Transparencia y fiabilidad de la empresa

An investigation published by the Forensic Financial Analysis Group Tulip Research, dedicated to studying and publishing reports of fraudulent activities, states that it is impossible to corroborate the veracity of the company's location or the bank associated with this.

According to the publication referred to the address of the bank that appears in the contact zone of its website turns out to be a hotel: «Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera».

On the other hand, the contact mail they show does not belong to them.THE DOMAIN « »is owned by a logistics company without any relationship with BDL Bank.

Raising even more suspicions it turns out that the company's identification number (CNPJ) presented on the “CNPJ 35 website.081.022–0001–08 »corresponds to a financial consultancy located in the town of Torres, Brazil.Interestingly, the two partners - administrators of this entity turn out to be the founders of Trust Investing.

It is not possible for investors to track the money invested by reviewing the directions of the Wallets in which the deposits are made, as they use Coinpayments as an is clear information about your investment scheme and much less the identity of the supposed magical traders operating with assets is known.

Lima himself explains to an investor that they do not reveal it for the same reason that Coca Cola does not publish the recipe for its product.Which constitutes a sophism that can hardly digest a person with a true critical look of the matter.

The company also does not have a specific product, which adds a nebula to the dark framework of its existence.

Your registration address in Panama cannot be verified when we do a search for your offices.Even if they existed, it is very convenient to locate them in a fiscal paradise.

When looking for other related companies for corroborating the veracity of its existence and connections in the business world, it only appears related to Trust Diamond Investing Security with which they share the same telephone number, (507) 202–3016 ext.123, which indicates that it is the same company and not a collaboration.

No financial control agency regulates it for which it does not have licenses to offer its trading services in most countries (including European countries, Australia and the US).This disassembles the statement that operate in the United States Stock Exchange and cryptocurrency arbitration in Europe.

As if this were not enough, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) in Spain issued a statement advised by investing in that company and placed a warning in this regard.

So how do so many people in Cuba risk their money in such opaque circumstances?

Among the various reasons that make Cubans trust them is media bombing on social networks.In this area it has happened frequently that people who perform functions in Cuban state companies have joined this "business".Thus, the erroneous impression of these national institutions or companies have been created or, at least, see this doubtful investment system with good eyes.

It is common to also see these days videos, posters and statements that associate Trust Investing with known faces of Cuban culture and sport.Real ties in many cases, but in other born of false news and questionable promotion strategies.It happened in this way with the Cuban musician Paulo FG who clarified on his Facebook page: “As far as I am concerned, never, absolutely ever, I have been even interested in any cryptocurrency business and much less than the aforementioned and controversial trustInvesting ".

The activity of their most recognized managers and affiliates, offering face -to -face and virtual conferences through various platforms, is also crucial for their growth and collection of new investors.However, just taking a look at their social networks profiles, some alarms jump.The little engagement of users with their publications in contradiction with the enormous number of followers is suspicious.

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