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BTS taehyung presents merchandise that he designed for Army: prices and date of sale

Merchandise's collection created by each BTSmember continues to generate expectation in Army. A las pijamas de Jin y a la campanilla de viento de RM, se suma ahora los goods ideados por Kim Taehyung.On January 9, V explained his designs while Seokjin was in charge ofmodeling the products.

Taehyung Boston Mute Bike

La colección de Taehyung está conformada por un set de pines y un bolso estilo Boston.

"I love classic bags.So I wanted to do one onmy own and I designed it withmy favorite colors.I also added a handkerchief/scarf and I think it was quite well, ”V to Jimin explained, which was the MC of the video.

El nombre del bolso, MUTE, está inspirado en uno de los personajes de videojuego favoritos de la estrella k-pop.

The idol asked that pockets be included on the side and also placed studs at the bottom to protect the product when it is placed on some surface.

Broches drawn by Taehyung

Asimismo, Taehyung usó sus propios dibujos para el set de pines. “Respeto las diferentes personalidades, así que hice varios tipos de diseño para que la gente pueda elegir el que le gusta”, comentó el cantante de “Sweet night”.

Broches have fine leather andmetal details.The rain, for example, has small rings that simulate being drops of water.

En el adelanto delmaking LOG, Taehyung explicó que el MUTE Boston Bag fue creado pensando en sus gustos personales.Instead, V was inspired by Army for pins set.

Taehyung de BTS presentamercadería que diseñó para ARMY: precios y fecha de venta

"They are items that you can use them easily whenever you want and wherever you want".

The complete presentation of the Goods is available in this Link of Weverse.

When does the ‘By V‘ collection go on sale?

Según el calendario de HYBE Merch, ARMY podrá comprar los goods ‘By V’ a partir del 11 de enero a las 11 a.m.KST (January 10 at 9 Peru).

The price of the Mute Boston bag and the V Broches will be revealed in a few hours through Weven Shop. Este adelanto está programado para el 10 de enero a las 11 a.m.KST

Taehyung Good Collection Prices

Según el preview de Weverse Shop, el bolso Boston MUTE está valorizado en 168 dólares. Por otro lado, el set de broches Cloud drops (nube) cuesta 38 dólares; al igual que el set de broches Faces (rostros). El set de pines Flower buddies (flores) tiene un precio de 38 dólares.

It should be noted that as in the collections of its companions, each article includes a photocard and a ‘Making log’ card where the indications that V until reaching the final product are detailed.

Suga Good

Hybe Merch has already shared what the articles that prepared Suga for his collection.It is a necklace with barrel -shaped cheeks (to play guitar) and these have the BTS and Army logos.

It will also launch a notebook with lining that can house cards and pencil.

¿Cuándo es el lanzamiento de lamerch de Suga?

La venta de lamerch ‘by Suga’ inicia a las 11.00 a.m.Thursday, January 13(KST). En Perú, en esemomento serán las 9.00 p.m.of the 12th.

Goods created by Namjoon

Before taehyung, Namjoon presented the Goods devised by him.These were a bell of winds and joggers.

Jin Goods

The first to present his designed products was Jin. El Bangtanmayor ideó para ARMY cómodas pijamas y almohadillas.

-More from BTS-

BTS in the GDA

They were crowned at the Golden Disc Awards.BTS took four 36th GDA awards home.The categories that the Septeto won are: Seezn Popularity Award, Digital Song Bonsang, Album Bonsang and Album Daesang.

This is Bangtan's thanks speech.We remember that the idols did not attend the ceremony, as previously warned through their agency.

The group sent two presentations filmed at its Los Angeles concert: "Life Goes On" and "Butter".The first one represents the album Be, which was the winner of the Daesang in the Physical Sales Division.

BTS Cancela trip to the United States

El septeto k-pop planificaba regresar a los Estados Unidos para fin demes de enero, pero canceló su vuelo después de que los Grammys 2022 aplazaran indefinidamente su ceremonia.We remember that BTS is one of the nominees.

BTS nominations in the Grammys 2022

El septeto de Corea del Sur está nominado amejor performance de grupo o dúo pop por “Butter”.This is your second consecutive participation in that category.

BTS in the Grammys 2021

El septeto de Corea del Sur también estuvo nominado en la categoría demejor performance de grupo o dúo pop con “Dynamite”. Sin embargo, BTS perdió frente a “Rain onme” de Lady Gaga y Ariana Grande.

When does the BTS webtoon premiere?

7Fates CHAKHO, el próximo webtoon de BTS, se estrenará el 15 de enero del 2022(KST),mientras que en Perú será lanzado demanera oficial el 14 de enero.


The official OST of the new BTS webtoon, 7fates Chakho, has a title "Stay Alive" and will be played by Jungkook. La canción producida por Suga se estrenará el 5 de febrero a las 11.00 a.m.(KST).

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