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Bitcoin and crude, war fears in Ukraine: 5 keys on Wall Street

© Reuters

By Geoffrey Smith - Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lead the downward risk assets while concern about war in Ukraine triggers a generalized sale.This prevents US futures from experiencing a real rebound despite the mass sale of last week.

El petróleo baja tras afirmar Irán que está a punto de llegar a un acuerdo para eliminar las sanciones de Estados Unidos, mientras que las acciones deUnilever(LON:ULVR) se disparan tras conocerse que Nelson Peltz, de Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG), ha comprado una participación en ella.

Here we have the five main issues of which we must be pending this Monday, January 24, in the financial markets.

one.Bitcoin drops 50% after registering historical maximums

Cryptocurrencies continue their mass sale, expanding a spiral of liquidations and loss of technical impulse that is self -limen.

The largest cryptocurrency in the world fell another 6.7% to 33.569 dollars at oneone:55 hours (CET) and has already dropped more than 50% since registered historical maximums only two months ago.The analysis carried out by the Cryptoquant website, based in Korea, suggests that more than 38% of the entire bitcoin that has undermined in history is registering losses, compared to a maximum proportion of 34% during the previous sale in the middle of the last year.

This occurs at a time when the upward trend of interest rates exerts sustained pressure on risk assets and leverage wallets.More specifically, it occurs after the new evidence that the world's central banks are taking drastic measures against private digital currencies, after the Central Bank of Russia proposed a total prohibition of mining and the use of cryptocurrencies.

2.The fears around the Ukraine situation cause a generalized liquidation

The situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border also continues to ballast risk assets.Both the United States and the United Kingdom have instructed the families of their diplomats settled in Ukraine to leave the country, which suggests that both countries continue to believe that there is a high short -term risk of a Russian invasion.

Caen el Bitcoin y el crudo, temores de guerra en Ucrania: 5 claves en Wall Street

The New York Times and other media have reported that President Joe Biden is considering sending up to 50.000 troops of combat to Ukraine, while the United Kingdom - whose government warned on the weekend of the Russian intentions to install a puppet government in the country after invading it - would have sent about 2.000 anti -orange weapons systems to Ukraine.

Russia has rejected the accusations of the United Kingdom for considering them unfounded.On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Serguéi Lavrov said that the country has no intention of sending troops to Ukraine.However, Russian assets are undergoing strong pressure on Monday: the ruble falls almost 2%, up to a minimum of one4 months against the dollar, while the reference RTS stock index is left 9.4%,also registering at least one4 months.European stock markets fall around one%.

3.The bags will expand losses;Peltz lights a fire in Unilever

The United States stock markets point to a low opening, since risk aversion is aggravated in the light of events in Eastern Eastern.

Around one2:one5 (CET), Dow Jones' futures reversed their initial profits and remained plans, although sections of the minimums recorded during the night. Sin embargo, los futuros del S&P 500 seguían perdiendo un 0,one% y los futuros del Nasdaq one00 un 0,2%.The market seemed willing to rebound after having entered the territory of the overall after its worst week in months. El Dow perdió un 4,6% la semana pasada, mientras que el S&P 500 se dejó un 5,7% y el NASDAQ Composite un 7,6%.

Among the actions that will probably monopolize the attention today are those of Unilever, after knowing that activist investor Nelson Peltz has acquired an un specified participation in the company. Peltz ha liderado la campaña de cambio de su homónimo estadounidense Procter & Gamble estos últimos años.

The week of presentation of results begins with relative tranquility, with the updates of Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) in the first hour and DEIBM (NYSE: IBM) after the closure.

4.Omicron hits the European services sector in January;Italy begins to strategically ascend to Draghi

The Eurozone economy has staggered in January, since the omicron wave-COVID-one99-has shaken the services of the two largest economies in the region.

The IHSMarkit purchasing managers composed for the region has descended more than expected, up to 52.4 points, according to a preliminary reading, largely due to a collapse of the French services sector.However, the manufacturing sectors of Germany and France behaved better than expected, given the indications that the problems of the supply chain could be decreasing.

However, Deutsche Bundesbank has warned in its monthly report that the German economy was probably contracted in the fourth quarter.

In the Eurozone, Italy on Monday begins the formal appointment process of a new president.Until now, the indications suggest that the former president of the ECB, Mario Draghi, will take the position of Prime Minister, which will allow to resume the normality of Italian politics.The former Minister Silvio Berlusconi has retired his candidacy this weekend, which does not leave a clear alternative to Draghi.

5.Oil falls to the news of Iran and Abu Dhabi

Oil prices weaken after Iranian negotiators announce.

The reports suggest that, in any case, that limitation has weakened considerably during the past year, due to various maneuvers of Chinese buyers to overcome the current sanctions.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates has reported that it has demolished more long -range missiles aimed at the city of Abu Dhabi by rebels backed by Iran in Yemen, which relieves the fears of new interruptions of the exports of one of the most reliable suppliers ofThe OPEC.

Around one2:30 (CET), the futures of the American oil fall 0.4% to $ 84.77 per barrel, while the Brent crude is left 0.4% to $ 86.75 per barrel per barrel.

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