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Amazon Christmas Offers: Original ideas to give away these parties

Each year, the Constitution bridge is usually the date that marks the start of Christmas or at least the moment in which the urban landscape and the decoration of our houses is filled with colored lights, Christmas trees, foam..

And these days are also a good time, if you have not already left part of the duties done in the Black Friday, to start thinking about the Christmas gifts that you are going to ask for this 2021, both for yourself and for your relatives, friends and loved ones;for both Santa Claus and Magi.

The best Christmas gifts, with discounts of up to 40%

In fact, Electronic Commerce Platforms such as Amazon have been having important offers and discounts on fashionable Christmas, sport, technology, home, beauty ... specifically, you can benefit from sales of up to 40% on the original priceof hundreds of products.

Customizable beer jug

For those that beer is a cult doctrine, you cannot miss in its exhibitor, where trophies and other value objects are located, a beer jug worthy of being used in moments of celebration.Or simply, when you are thirst for hops and barley.

This jug is totally personalized.It is glass and has a capacity of 520 milliliters.You can record the text that best describes the person to whom we are going to give him with this gift.

You can buy it here for 21.50 euros.

Personalized socks

With the face of the person who receives the gift, that of his dog or, why not, yours.The important thing is to get an original gift and that better than socks like these, personalized, unisex and unique size that adapt to every feet.Like all this range of customized products, the process is very simple and is enough to load the desired photo in the browser through the Amazon portal.But to ensure that the subsequent impression will be of quality, it is advisable to use high -resolution images.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros.


It is a classic among games to entertain us at home.Mimika is a game in which players, divided by teams, must try that the rest of the members of their team guess the different words that show the cards, using only mimicry and also, they must do so in a certain time.It is suitable for practically all ages, since it has three levels of skill.

It consists of acting quickly while the stopwatch runs and take the cards before they disappear.It contains 320 cards, the action stopwatch, an adhesive sheet and instructions, in addition to trophy for the best performance.

You can buy it here for 19.99 euros (at 13% discount).

Humor t -shirt

Are you looking for a fun shirt for you or to give away?Well, nothing better than one that tells truths like a temple with a certain humor.Or you will deny that if the grandfather cannot fix it, we are screwed.This t -shirt that tributes these manite grandparents is a great acquisition to renew your costumes with grace.It is a light garment, of classic lace that you can machine washed.Of course, be sure to do it with the drawing backwards, so that the print does not rub with the drum of the washing machine and last longer.

You can buy it here for 16.99 euros.

Smartwatch Polar M430

This polar brand smartwatch can become your perfect partner to exercise.Specifically, it is the M430 model and it has everything you need to help you monitor your physical exercise 24 hours a day and seven days a week.It is enough that you wear it on the wrist.

Among other things, it is able to measure the distance you travel and the speed at which you even travel it, but also calculates altimeters and inlination.And of course, it constantly measures your heart rate to assess which pulsations takes you the exercise you do and is able to measure the quality of your dream thanks to the Sleep Plus function.

You can buy it here for 139 euros (40% discount)

Lois wallet

This portfolio of the firm Lois is very practical and with a modern and original design in its embroidery and mandala motifs.It is made of nylon and vegan leather for daily use.It has a main closure with soft sliding zipper.It has 15 card compartments, two of them translucent for documents.There are up to 10 different models.

Ofertas de Navidad de Amazon: ideas originales para regalar estas fiestas

You can buy it here for 29.95 euros (at 21% discount).


This lot is currently the best for skin care on Amazon.It contains the five most popular cosmetics of Satin Naturel: facial cream, aloe vera gel, argan oil, and the vitamin ACE serum.The products are placed on a white satin fabric and a small red booked by hand wraps the box.All these cosmetics are made of vegan and completely natural ingredients and are free of sulfates, parabens and microplastics.

You can buy it here for 34.99 euros.

Chocolate lot

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the most sweet?Among them you?Do not miss this original selection of lots and baskets with chocolates or chocolates ideal to sweeten Christmas.It includes more than 42 pieces of chocolates, chocolates and sweets Ferrero Roché, Toblerone and Kinder, among other top quality brands.

This order through Amazon will also allow you to add a dedicated card with a personal message without any additional cost.In addition, the lot is sent involved in a beautiful silver bag ready for gift.

You can buy it here for 24.90 euros.

Personalized makeup bag

Si tu rutina incluye maquillaje, este neceser puede ser un buen complemento para tu día a día. Por un lado, porque tiene espacio para todo lo que necesita sin volverse voluminoso o pesado y para llevártelo de viaje sin problemas. Y por otro, porque vas a poder personalizarlo con tu nombre o el de la persona a quien desees regalárselo con un decorado a mano con vinilo de alta transferencia térmica. La bolsa, fabricada en algodón orgánico blanco, tiene dos dimensiones a elegir: de 20 x 14 cm o de 26 X 24 cm.

You can buy it here for 19 euros.


The jewels are almost always a success when choosing gifts for these dates.This short tous choard, made with sterling silver, stands out for its elegant style as a versatile.Therefore, it can perfectly combine both with a gala dress and with more alternative and cassual looks.It has a length of 45 centimeters and with the purchase a small case is included in which the back is transparent and leaves the necklace.

You can buy it here for 25 euros.

These letters will put fart

Enlighten your parties with this fun game to drink with cards that will make your friends and you do not stop laughing.Compete, vote and play it to your friends with 100 dynamic cards.There are no two equal games.Super easy to learn and play: perfect for your next party, bottle or for nights at home since it is perfect for between two and eight players.

Buy them here for 14.99 euros.

Submarine wine

Let Soul No. 7 are a white garnacha wine that has been raised for four months on lines and another six months on the underwater bed.The result is a unique bottle, impregnated with sake, and with unique olfactory and gustatory nuances.There are only 2,500 units available.

"The presentation is incredible, the very special taste. It is worth what you pay," says one of the comments.

Buy it here for 59 euros.

Minecraft Board Set

The board game of the famous Minecraft video game.In this analog adventure, explore the pixelated world of Minecraft.Each player with his own character collects brick resources and defends himself fighting each world's creatures to create their own personalized dimension.The winner is the one who first completes his game board with world sheets of the same type.Recommended from 10 years.

Buy it here for 36.95 euros (4% discount).

Assassin's Creed Valhalla video game for PS4

The latest installment of one of the most successful adventure video games of all time also has its version for PS4 despite the recent launch of the new Sony console.On this occasion, the plot focuses on the Viking invasion of Britain and the player puts himself in the skin of a Nordic warrior.The game also has several additional contents that will delight the followers of the saga.

Buy it here for 34.90 euros (48% discount).

Cheat moth

In the table game the cheat, the traps are not only not prohibited, but sometimes they are essential to win.Goal?Run without letters before others.But be careful, some letters are not easily disposable, so you will have to put funny stratagems to deceive your classmates and thus get rid of them.Recommended from 7 years.

Buy it here for 10.66 euros (18% discount).

Zen Table Center

Centerpiece inspired by a Zen garden.It is composed of a Buddha and four brown glass carriers (with a wooden tray and decorative stones.It has dimensions of 10 cm x 44 cm.

"It is beautiful," says one of the comments.

Buy it here for 36.52 euros.

Six artisanal beers tasting pack

Pack of six Premium craft beers of the Mica Burgos brand.Of the varieties Mica gold beer (gold and dense);Quartz (very roasted beer, almost black), and root (IPA).In Boca, they stand out for their aromas to Cebaza, Campo and Earth wet.In addition, they are presented in a beautiful wooden box.

"It has been a gift for my boy and loved it. We have shared them and they are great for flavor. We like them very much," says one of the comments.

Buy it here for 19.95 euros.


That lifts the hand who has not shouted "Wiiilsoooon!"High or in the inner voice of him when he runs into the film shipwrecked on TV.The memory is instant because, however absurd it seems, how to forget that moving relationship of the good of Tom Hanks with that iconic ball that ended up being the only companion of him on a desert island?Well here you have it, and with a discount on this Black Friday.

You can buy it here for 17.95 euros (28% discount).

Puma Sports Bag

This Puma brand gym bag has a lot of storage space.It has a main compartment with a bidirectional zipper, one side, another front and a mesh pocket.To do sports, for free time or to travel, it is a purchase that will surely not end at the bottom of the closet.

You can buy it here for 29.90 euros.

Lékué case to make microwave potato tortilla

Making the microwave potato tortilla is not only cleaner, but also less caloric.If a 250 grams potato tortilla portion has around 500 calories, the same amount of this recipe to the microwave only 300 kcal.

Spanish omelette de Lékué (800 ml capacity) is perfect for cooking microwave potato tortillas in just a few minutes.In the comments it is said that you can also cook potatoes and onions on it and finish the process with the eggs in the pan.

You can buy it here for 17 euros (18% discount).

Satisfy pro sport rabbit

Satisfying does not need a presentation.This model, Pro Sport Rabbit, offers in a single product stimulation of the clitoris and point G through a combination of air pressure and vibrations.It has two engines, 11 speeds and is impermeable so you can also use it in the shower.For all this is the best -selling female stimulator on the market.

Buy it here for 30 euros (50% discount).

Palomitero Lékué

With this container to make popcorn from the Lékué brand, you will not give you any laziness.You can do without the containers that are already prepared for it and make them yourself also in the microwave but in the most natural way or with what you want to add to taste.Its design allows virtually all corn to be cooked

Manufactured in 100%Platinum silicone, it has measures of 200 mm (height) x 145/60 (width), endures temperatures between -60 degrees and +220 degrees and its capacity is 2800 ml.In addition, it is suitable for the fridge and can be washed in the dishwasher.And as extra, it includes easy and original recipes.

You can buy it here for 18 euros (13% discount).

Harry Potter doll

Although the saga is already finished, Harry Potter will always be a classic.That is why these official Mattel dolls succeed in Amazon, and more with offers like this that the platform offers with the Black Friday.The doll has the complete outfit of the most famous magician in the history of the big screen: Hogwarts uniform, Gryffindor toga and magic wand.This is just one of the many collectible figures that Mattel has launched with all the characters in the saga.

You can buy it here for 21 euros (23% discount).

Stanley tool bag

With this bag you will have all your tools in order.It has dimensions of 30 x 25 x 13 cm and is 600 x 600 resistant and lasting nylon.It has eight interior compartments, two exterior, reinforced base with foam rubber and cotton covered handles.

Buy it here for 11.99 euros (20% discount).

PlayMobil Back to the future

The flow capacitor works at full speed, the screen is configured at the year 1955 and Delorean takes off, folds the wheels and the year 1985 was yesterday.Marty McFly and Doc Brown attract attention with their clothes in the America of the 50s, not to mention their time machine fed by plutonium.Playmobil brings to the present to the legendary duo, taking care of every detail, in a collection piece that no fan of the saga should be lost.

Buy it here for 33 euros (40% discount).

Instax Mini 11 Chamber Kit

Mobile phones have caused the development of photographs to be lost.With this instant camera you can print your memories forever.This kit consists of an Instx 11 camera that produces instant photographs of the size of a credit card, cover, mini 10 -shot movie, photo album, screen stickers, batteries and user manual.

The perfect gift for Christmas.

Buy it here for 119 euros.

Lékué rice to make rice, quinoa and other cereals in the microwave

"Very practical if the kitchen is lazy or you are missing time. Many times I have saved the taper to go to work: I put it to the micro before going to the shower and I leave it there to be done and rest a little. ThenYou can add some tomato or tuna or throw it to a bag salad ...

It serves for rice, Quinoa, Avena ... ", says one of the comments about this article by Lékué, the most famous brand to cook healthy in the microolanda.

With it you can cook up to four rations of rice in the microwave and in just 12 minutes and, thanks to its new design, strain even smaller cereals without changing utensil.In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher and get into the fridge.

Buy it here for 22 euros (14% discount).

New Balance 373 Shoes

Today you can get this pair of New Balance shoes for less than 33 euros.Normal wide.The outer material is leather, the coating is fabric, while the sole is rubber and the closure of laces.The well -known American brand was created in Boston in 1906 with a star product: an arc support, Almohadilla type, intended to relieve foot pain of the American working class.

Buy them here from 32.97 euros (61% discount).

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