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Spanish literature that jumps to the big screen: from Dolores Redondo to Eduardo Mendoza

By: payless

Spanish literature that jumps to the big screen: from Dolores Redondo to Eduardo Mendoza

Better the book or the movie?For a writer, taking a novel to the cinema always involves a risk.The euphoria of success and the illusion that his written words end up embodied on the big screen can be reversed in something unpleasant.There are few authors who have seen with horror how their novels were completely distorted in the film version or that eclipsed their original.

Despite the risk, the margin of benefit is still tremendously high.Therefore, the literary works that have taken to the cinema are countless.And although it is Anglo -Saxon literature that leads all literary adaptations rankings, within Spanish literature we also have a large number of authors who have seen how their books ended on the big screen.

On page two we recover some of the living authors whose works can also be seen in celluloid: Dolores Redondo, Lorenzo Silva, Domingo Villar ... In total, five authors who passed through the Óscar López program and that add, this week, this week, toOur summer recommendations.

The invisible guardian, from Dolores Redondo

The investigations of the famous Inspector Amaia Salazar were taken to the film rooms in 2017 by the director Fernando González.An adaptation of the Redondo Dolores novel that takes body in actress Marta Etura.The story is located in a Valley in Navarra, where the bare body of a murdered teenager appears.Inspector Amaia Salazar directs her investigation that takes her back to the hometown of her, Elizondo, of which she has tried to flee her life.

On the trilogy to which the invisible Guardian belongs and about his adaptation to the big screen he speaks his writer, Dolores Redondo, in this interview with Óscar López.The author says that although the trilogy may have ended, that does not mean the end of Amaia Salazar ...

28.20 minTranscripción completa

(Lee) left Flora's house

And without even consulting the time, he headed for the slope to the police station.

As he approached, he could see that the grid was closed,

But he opened using his card

And he greeted the policemen who made the night shift.

Went to the second floor, and headed directly

to the files where the information was kept

relative to the case of Basajaun.

During the following hours, he sealted on the board

the photos of the three victims' scenarios;

of the autopsies I had kept a year ago

And that he had expected to have to see again.

Ainhoa Erizasu,

Carla Huarte

and Anne Arbizu

They looked again at the panel of that room.

Welcome to the Baztan Valley, specifically to Elizondo,

Scenarios of the new and late

of the famous trilogy of Dolores Redondo,

Who will we talk to.

We will go to the cinema to see the adaptation of "Sandal traces".

We recover a classic: "The last tycoon" by Scott Fitzgerald.

And we have asked our impost

to reflect on the consequences of starting successfully

a literary career that of Dolores Redondo,

Author of a novel, that neither fall from heaven.

Dolores, we return Baztan Valley

because you just published it last delivery

of your already famous trilogy.

You close this trilogy definitely.

Closing the trilogy does not mean

stop writing about Amaia Salazar,

That is what readers ask me.

But I continue from the beginning here,

And I come back every time I write.

In my dreams I am constantly here.

The trilogy closes.

I promised at the beginning that it would be three deliveries of the same novel,

and that closed with the third.

It will be difficult to talk about the argument, because you close the last installment

With open plots, but we have to count something.

Is that it is the final of the novel,

And that is the maximum crime.

Yes, we can count on the protagonist

It is still Amaia Salazar,

Homicide inspector of the Foral Police.

We continue in Baztán and in this case investigates

The murder of a four -month -old baby.

Yes, the novel initiated an atrocious crime,

A crime against a very small victim, a baby.

And chain an investigation

that is one that Amaia has pending.

Because, well, it's true that,

Without revealing much,

He does not keep up to how things were

In the previous investigation.

There are things in the air: the matter of his past and his mother.

That is missing.

Amaia has a compromisocon the victims,

that is born from his own desire to solve the mysteries

that have surrounded their vities of their birth.

It is one more than all those already open.

We are facing a hamlet,

How well it could be Argibels.

For example, black light,

A hamlet that has an important presence in this novel.

I don't know what we can tell.

We can tell that argibels in the novel,

a place where a group meets

Let's call it ... dark.

Dark, yes. A dark group of people.

A very common type of meetings in the 70s,

that were given for these areas

and that originally inspired the idea of the entire trilogy.

Until now, when they asked me

What had inspired me to the trilogy, silent me.

It has three legs, which would be:


Police investigation

and mythology.

But there was an earlier germ,

that the activities of these groups had to see

that were installed in the Baztan Valley in the 70s,

And we will not reveal too much,

so that the reader can enjoy,

but they were mixed in dark crimes.

The mythology of these forests is very present.

If in the first one we based,

in the second, to the tarta it,

In this partner of Inguma.


Inguma is perhaps one of the beings of mythology less known,

and darker and dark. It is a demon.

It sneaks into your house while you sleep

and sit on your chest,

producing a terrible sensation of drowning.

Sometimes, oppress the neck of those who sleep,

And he is considered the cause of the death of the cradle

Of the little ones, the infants.

I have talked to people who have had this type of nightmare

And it's really horrible.

Climatology has always had a lot of presence

in the previous two deliveries, but of course in it.

He has never rained as much as in this last installment.

But you just have to look at the landscape. That was going to tell you.

When you are here you understand it, there is an immediate immersion.

I think that in four hours in Baztánuno he understands it,

which is the way of life and marks somehow.

Mark your existence, even the shoes we carry.

In the end, mark the way of dressing, your way of walking,

the way you relate to others,

Because this is so. It is wonderful, but it is so.

Certainly, you have triumphed your trilogy,

You have sold yacreo that 400,000 copies,

Your novels can be found in 32 countries,

What has changed in personal and professional life

of that Redondode Dolores two years ago?

In the professional things have changed a lot.

There is a big difference between an unknown author

and knowing what are waiting for you from readers.

In work guidelines.

The way in which it copsola writing has also changed.

I have time otherwise.

On a personal level, I have tried to change the minimum.

(Voice of off) imagined that debutáiscomo successful novelist,

that you sell thousands of copies of your first book,

that translation contracts with half the world are signed,

You negotiate the rights to a future film,

and that readers worship you.

Imagine while you jump in time

And two years later, when the fever has disappeared

And you are only a writer with a career yet to do.

And now that?

(Bret Easton Ellis) There are no rules in literature.

I never felt pressed for the success of my first novel

I didn't feel forced to write "American psycho"

or capitalize the emotionality of "lunar Park".

Everyone said: "There is a new Bret Easton Ellis

that shines at the end of Lunar Park. "

There is no logic a strategic plan

For a roadway.

I always love someone to say

that controls his literary career,

that knows Sabergómo has to be,

the rules that must be followed by the books to write.

But Literaturano works like this.

(Voiceover) Let's continue imagining and put yourself in the worst:

Your second novel is a disaster or you cannot finish;

The pressure expires and hides to live in income,

If you have them.

You wouldn't be the first.

Rimbaud left the books to go to Africa;

Harper Lee wrote nothing after "killing a nightingale";

or J.D Salinger, who disappear from public light until his death.

But although your second novelan has a great impact,

It does not give you to mutispor the forum,

And keep the desire to continue working

A literary and continuous literary career.

Stoic attitude that writers like Kesey showed

Carso McCullers or Pablo TusSettras their successful debuts,

and his least known later novels.

It is not easy to chop stones to touch the literary sky,

as happened to Scott Fitzgerald

that had to write for 4 dollars.

Or to Melville, Balzac or Dumas who ended up indebted to the eyebrows

And with nothing to publish.

There are also those located in an intermediate position,

like Juan Rulfo, who decided to leave him soon and enigmatic

After two novels of successes and a third on the way,

It would take decades to leave.

(Archive voice) This novel has given Juan Rulfo

An indisputable foreground.

You with a novel got the general consensus and success.

(Juan Rulfo) Well, in reality, I have forgotten it.

To some extent, my generation did not understand it

He didn't even consider her interesting.

And the current generations understand

And they appreciate it, as you say.

At least, I see the success

which has achieved the book lately.

Actually, it is a ghost novel.

(Voiceover) but put to imagine,

better dream a long literary career,

where the successes compose the failures

That sooner or later they will appear.

It's time to speak, in this imagined post,

of the ideal end.

Some prefer to advance and retire quietly,

Like Philip Roth, Alice Munro, Günter Grass or Imre Kertész.

Others preferred to continue until the last day

Like Roald Dahl, Elmore Leonardo Ana María Matute.

(Stephen King) I am only 67 years old.

Elmore Leonard wrote until he died.

It is much better to be a writer

than being an athlete or a comedian.

The comedians almost always have very short work lives.

I will continue, while I will write interesting for me

And for people who read my books.

But if the time comes when I can no longer do it,

I can't like my readers,

God, please, help leave him on time!

(Voiceover) in the labor agreement of writers

There are no fixed contracts paid vacations

nor maternity down.

Nor is a happy ending

nor remunerated anticipated retirement.

But I know that for many authors, his literary career is his life.

A life of dreams, successes and failures and, of course,

also of a few impostures

of which one day I will have to talk.

(Narrator) he grew up at Bronxy, he was a gang member,

But he had high dreams.

Now, he has reached them.

It is at the summit.

It is an important producer of Ciney, above all,

And even if nobody wants to believe it, you only want one thing:

Make good movies.

Monroe Star is "The last tycoon."

Written in 1941,

It was the fifth and latest novel Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

In it, he enters a world that he knew very well:

The ruthless Hollywood.

Now, the Navonala publishing house has recovered

counting on a splendid prologue Edmund Wilson.

And here, a new classic glow

of "Page 2".

(Muido of a cow)

Dolores, I was thinking

that the issue of the death of those babies,

The same children's stories are also very present in

They have told us all our lives.

I have a great influence of the Grimm.

I was a great Grimmen reader, childhood,

And then I have returned to read their original versions,

And, surely, be casiel origin of terror

and mystery.

I think those dark forests,

so primitive and millenary

With those terribly big trees,

those leaf roofs,

It is very evocative and surely my essence from childhood,

and reappear.

I have the impression that in this delivery

Amaia is conscious that never

that this contrast irrational and rational,

Between the police method the old traditions,

Among the analysis and intuition.

I think it is aware that this is very fruitful.

Amaia has been learning, has learned a lot.

When he returns to Elizondo in the first novel,

He doesn't really want to return.

He left there at the time and has never wanted to return.

And it is forced to be in charge of this investigation.

But she, over time and these three novels,

your experience with motherhood,

with what he has discovered around his own origins,

What happened when he was born,

The reasons why Rosario, his mother, has always hated her,

It is unnatural that your mother hates you.

All this has made him learn.

You have always documented a lot, but success opens more doors

To find documentation and information.

Yes. At least you see that they don't put such rare faces,

Because they already know who I am.

At first, you told someone:

I am writing a book and I want information on this subject.

From the police itself,

that initially are a bit prudent,

until you see what you are doing,

to anyone who you ask for information.

At first some problems get

For entering web pages, searching.

Of course, you are looking for "FBI" and then you are looking for "Armas"

And then you are looking for "laboratory machinery" ...

... you get into trouble.

You told us before they rule out the possibility

that Amaia Salazarregree in the future,

But what now?

Well, now I can tell you what the first thing I did

When I ended up yielding the novel

It was taking a little break.

I went to the scenariode what will be the next novel.

A very powerful, different scenario is not this, is another.

But a scenario that transmits it to me as this:

A great strength and that feeling that I have to go there.

Is that scenario a secret, can you reveal it?

It remains secret, for now.

And soon, the movie "The Invisible Guardian".

I already told you when we were talking about "the invisible guardian",

that had been immediate,

And it was a surprise for me.

Nor did I know who Peter Nadermann was,

And, well, last year he was here,

We were seeing these places,

Visiting places like this,

and promised me that it would be filmed here.

Queen has already been announced will begin to roll.

In a few days they announce the casting

The director and screenwriter.

I know they told you many stories when you were a girl,

And we will usually ask for our guest writers

that recommend some reading

For young spectators who are still "Page 2".

What could a child read us now?

A few days ago, he reached my hands

a reissue of the stories of Ana María Matute,

And I took my daughter, Casta, nine years old,

And he has devoured it.

He took him a little excéptic, but hooked him.

It is "the slate country".

Hello, the book that I'm going to tell you

It is called "Charlie and the chocolate factory",

What is this and the author calls Roald Dahl.

(She speaks) is about a child

who wanted to enter a chocolate factory,

Because he liked chocolate a lot.

And he started looking, on his birthday,

A tablet, to find a ...

... a ... (laughs)

I don't get out.-A ticket.

A gold ticket to enter the factory.

If they want, they could go with someone who was an adult,

And he chose his grandfather,

Because they liked chocolate a lot

And they were very obsessed with Willy Wonka,

The owner of the chocolate factory.

Then, they went to the factory

And they found themselves by doing a tour,

And Willy Wonka guided them,

And many fantastic things were found.

My favorite character would be the grandfather,

Charlie Bucket's grandfather,

because despite being poor

The grandfather gave him a little more money to buy it.

And that's why I like it, because he is a good person

And because he likes chocolate just like me.

Well, my favorite character would be between

Charlie Bucket or Willy Wonka.

Many times Amaia Salazar

Cross this bridge of Muniartea, in Elizondo,

where today we recommend a new book

of the recent Nobel Prize for Literature Patrick Modiano,

"Night accident",

Posted in 2003, but unpublished in Spain,

Where a woman runs over a young man in the center of Paris,

And the boy will do the impossible to find her.

A detective story discover.

In front of the church of Santiago

where the funerals of some victims are celebrated

of the Redondo Dolores novels,

We present the Librode another Nobel winner.

We refer to Alice Munro, who got it in 2013.

It is an anthology of their best stories,

Made by the author herself

and where the best of ourselves is shown.

On several occasions Amaia Salazarvisita this cemetery,

where we have found the new Marcos Ordóñez.

A novel biography of Perico Vidal,

Management Assistant as Mr. Arkadín,

"Suddenly, last summer" or "Lawrence of Arabia".

He was Orson Wells assistant,

Manckevich or David Lynch.

A great among the greats.

No memoriesi we have already made an adaptation

of 4 -hand written novel like this.

I think no, the memory fails me,

But I think it's the first time.

"Sandal traces" what is it about?

It is an adaptation of a booksha Miro and Anna Soler-Pont.

It is a very solidary and humanitarian story,

And it focuses on two Indian sisters

that of little ones are forcibly separated

and each one takes a different way.

One of them, of greater,

It becomes a Bollywood movie star in India.

The other grows in Barcelona without knowing its Indian origins,

adopted by a Catalan family.

The biggest decides to travel to Barcelona, years later

Looking for clues about her little sister.

That's why you told the solidarity issue.

Totally, yes, totally.

(Movie) One, two ...

You can't go, it's too painful for you.

What hurts me is not knowing where my little sister is.

In relation to the argument that you commented before,

I see that there are indeed differences,

as in the character Ethiopian.

Yes, it is one of the main differences.

The screenwriter, one of the writers of the novel,

has decided to do without one of the stories of the novel

that, on the one hand, it tells the story of the Indian sisters

and, on the other, that of Salomon,

The Ethiopian child who is forced to emigrate to Cuba.

This story does not enter the movie,

which focuses only on the two sisters.

(Movie) I've been looking for all my life.

I have evidence that shows that you and I are sisters.

The past of the characters also changes.

Yes, there are some significant changes, but there are there.

In the novel they explain to you

that they are not only two sisters, but three

and that when the mother dies in the childbirth of the third, of Sita,

The older sister is responsible for breastfeeding the girl.

But in the movie, the character of the third sister does not appear

And it is not clear, when it is counted as ellipsis,

How to educate Mina, the oldest, to her little sister

During his first years of life.

(Movie) Don't trust.

I'm looking for movies where an actress called Mina Kumar comes out.

We all have them.

Once the girls are separated by force,

The novel tells about the older sister

He works at a textile factory as they exploit it.

What serves the writers to report

The situation of children who work in these conditions.

On the other hand, in the movie, the factory part does not appear

And there is an episode

in which the girls vain a brothel to work,

And she flees from there and enters to work

at the House of the Family, which is raised.

That cosmopolitan air that the novel has,

the mixture of romanticism and drama at the same time,

It can be a pleasant reading for many people.

What do you think of the movie?

I see credibility problems in development,

But if you abstract from I'm you see it as a simple movie,

of solidarity about the coexistence of cultures,

Almost as a story, it can work.

It has a story air, adaptation.

You just have to walk these forests

To see that the Baztan Valley is magical.

It catch you mysteriously

and immediately intuyesque you are part of him.

We would love that every week,

With more or less magic,

We felt the same for this program.

(Read) during the past spring,

James had convinced her to visit Infernuko Errota,

"The Mill of Hell",

One of Baztán's most magical and special places.

About 15 km on that road,

It reached Etxebertzeko Borda

And from there the road left, which could only be done on foot

or mounted on the loins of a donkey.

The Mill of Hell is vital for survival

of the soldiers who threw themselves into the mountain during the wars.

Built on three trunks that crossed the river

and with wooden walls, in rationing times,

The people of Baztán comenanequí at night,

With its bosoms -up,

To grind it clandestinely and get the flour

with which they feed their families.

In Baztán always has found the way

to do what you have to do.

Página Dos - Dolores Redondo - Ver ahora

The Playa de Los Drowados, by Domingo Villar

Domingo Villar is one of the most popular police gender authors of Spanish letters, so it is not to be struggled that sooner or later the adaptation of one of his novels came to theaters.Also passionate about cinema, this time Villar himself participated in the creation of the script with the filmmaker Felipe Vega.

01h 32 minTranscripción completa


Don't you enter? He is asleep.

It is read here.

Hi uncle, how are you?

(Call the door)

Good morning Doctor.


Any novelty? No, no, no.


I don't understand. What does he say, uncle?

(Whisper) Que apuntes al doctoren el libro de los idiotas.

What notes to doctorate the book of the idiots?

Is it true that you have an idiots book?

Wouldn't you know?

Do you want me to take you somewhere? Depend, where are you going?

To my house.You don't want me to stay with this environment.

If you accompany you, can you bring tomorrow?

Well of course.


It is from the last harvest, Leo, to see what you think.

It's good.

And that still lacks a little.

It's very good.

Do you signal them there?

To all no years that I stopped updating it.

It gave me too much work (laughs)


Wait wait.Yes, tell me, Rafa "Where is, boss?"

What's happening?Something wrong?

They have found the body of a man on a Panchón beach.

A sailor? "How do you want me to know"?

It's going to be very late?

The coroner has asked if we can pick it up.

Well, go to pick it up.And you?


Here I have at least noon.

Very good, well, I am going. Well, come, see you later.



It has been fighting good. Where was it?

Have you eaten? Eat?No, I'm not going to eat.

Well, I'm starving. Do you accompany me and tell me?

When I arrive, the body was already out,

I was foaming on my nose and mouth.

A sailor? (Nods)

His name ...

Just Castelo.

In the town they know him as the blond.

On Sunday he left in his boat to navigate

and has appeared floating on the shore.

Was he going?

He wore his hands tied with a plastic flange.

A suicide.

The coroner says no. Why?

Surely you don't want?

It's great. No, no, really.

Don't tell me it's the first time you see a drowned in your life.


In my land one appears in the river, but ...

To me is that the dead ...

And that castelo, right?

¿Eh?Just Castelo.

Did I have a family?

Neither woman nor children, but the mother and sister live in the town.

This afternoon comes to identify the body.

You talked to her?

Didn't he tell you anything?

Didn't you talk to any neighbor?

What do you think?

But this is the usual.

People open their mouths to say anything.

Sorry, sometimes I forget that you are one of them.


Rafa, enter if you want.

I can tell you that he died drowning.

(Whisper) Para saber esono hace falta una autopsia.

I had packed lungs,

So he was alive fell into the water.

Has Rafael told you that he had his hands tied with a flange?

Yes. And you don't believe it will be attached to them.


Well, it would not be the first. No, no, they were tied.


How would you stick a flange?

I dont know...

With teeth. Effectively.

And the closure would be here in the thumb area.

But in this case it is in the pinky area.

He could move later, no, look at the wound.

Too tight to move. And there is something else.

Most of the blows you see post mortem trauma,

But there is one caused in life.

He covers his hair, but he has more or less ...

This form.

They hit him with something elongated and with a ball at the tip.

I mean, according to you, they first hit him,

Then they tied his hands and threw in the water.

In that order.

And the time of death? Well ... 2-3 days.

The last time they saw him alivefue Sunday morning, right?

Yes. Well that, three days.

Very well.

Sus cosas las tiene Clara García.Very well.

That is the clothes that were wearing their belongings.

The keys, the Virgen del Carmen Medal and a Figa.

One that?

It is an amulet. A figa.

Nothing more?

Also a white dust bag in a pocket.


I guess.She was wet, I sent her to the laboratory.

Is that the flange? Yes.

I had never seen such.

I neither, but I have not found that identify the manufacturer.

That is Chinese.

Lately everything is Chinese.

What happened to the ship? I don't know.

-Pradón, Inspector, is here the sister, Alicia Castelo.


Hello, I am Inspector Caldas.

I am very sorry about his brother. Thank you very much.

Saturday was at my house.

Almost every afternoon came to see my mother.

He is prevented and lives with me.

My husband spends many months embarkedy and we are both company.

Was his brother okay?

I was as always.

Do you know if someone had argued with him something?


Any new or strange friendship?


I don't know what they would have told him, but he just left that for a long time.

A lot is ... years.

OK thanks...

Accompany it inside, go.


Caldas, the substance of the bag is salt.

Salt? They have said.

I piro, chao.Bueno.




Hey Carlos.

Why do you think someone would call in their pants pocket

a bag with salt?

I don't know, Leo.I give up.


It is not a riddle, it is in case you knew.

Go to Carallo. I put an octopus.

Yes? "It's me, you came?"

I couldn't get closer to the hospital. How does uncle follow?

"Well, more or less." Well ...

Tomorrow I have to approach Panxón early.

Let's see if I can go back.


(Talk in Galician)

Two and a half kilos and a half ...

(Talk in Galician)

The one of the beret and the Canose beards one of the companions of the dead.

The other is that orange, is called José Arias.

We start with the seafood.

(Talk in Galician)

Are those pregnant females?

They are, but it is not for compassion.

Without fishing there is no bread, friend.

When did Castelar see for the last time?

We were together in Saturday's auction.

¿Estaba bien?I was as always.

And Sunday?

On Sunday we did not fish.

But on Sunday morning they saw Castelo go out to the sea.

They would see it.


Do you want me to take a hand? No, it is not necessary.


Do you know if Castelo had a problem with someone around the port?

The truth is that we don't have much treatment.Out of this, no ...

Already, they got along.

Not even good, then?

Life, friend. (Laughs)

Ya está todo vendido, ¿eh?Nerd. No venimos a comprar nada.

I am Inspector Caldas de Vigo.

Estamos aquí por lo deJust Castelo. Ya sabe, ¿no?

On Sundays there is no lonja, right?

We all rest on Sundays.

Already, but they saw him go fishing on Sunday morning.


To fish, surely he was not going, he left the nasas in the breakwater.

I wish I was fishing.

Because one thing is to die, but take oneself to the sea.

How fear I had to have.

Literatura española que salta a la gran pantalla: De Dolores Redondo a Eduardo Mendoza

Fear of what?

Has Nobody spoke to Captain Sousa?



Who is Captain Sousa? Are you going to talk to Hermida?

Would you have to talk to Hermida?

He is the best known that story.

-No, now not, thanks.

Captain Sousaera the xurel pattern.

A fisherman of about 20 t, more or less.

Like that, do you see?

(They speak in Gallego)

Be careful, don't slip here.

They used to go miles to North Faenar.

One night that there was a storm, he will do 10-12 years,

The xurelo went against a stone.

And the sailors who went to Bordose saved by throwing into the sea,

But Captain Sousa sank with the ship.

Did he drowned? Yes.

And what does Castelo have to?

How does it have to do?

The blond was one of the three sailors who were on board.

I still don't understand.

Look, inspector,

Here very strange things are happening lately.

The ship of Captain Sousanavega at night by the bay.


That sails through the bay at night.

But hadn't he sunk? We talked about a similar one, man.

It's that, right? Yes ...

Knock on wood.

I saw it.

Once, but I saw it.

Near the lighthouse, one night.

It was far, but I'm sure it was him.

And they say that the blond also saw it.

For me he threw himself into the sea

Because I shouldn't have very quiet consciousness, do you know?

And now, if they allow me, I have to work.

Yes, of course, of course.

Turn arround

Let's see if you find the one who saw Castelo go out to the sea.

I go to his house to see if I talk to the sister.

I shit in the dead of the sailor,

Your superstitions and your fucking mother! What's wrong with you?

That has spit on the boot, pussy. (Laughs)


It is for burial.

How is your mother?


And you could sleep?

That was last year.

He fished a moon fish.

It was his 15 minutes of fame.

They even came from television to do an interview.

Do you feel like coffee? Yes.

I was going to prepare one.


Sugar? No, no, no.

I take it that way, I take it alone.

Yesterday he asked me if I had noticed something different in my brother.

Just came almost every afternoon home to see my mother.

I didn't talk much, but there was a little while with us.

Sat next to the window

And it began to whistle.

A couple of weeks ago, one day he sat down, as always,

But he didn't whistle.

And we never heard it ever.

I could be worried about something.

What I know is that my brother was killed, Inspector.

I will never cause my mother so much pain.

Some of their neighbors talk about Captain Sousa.

I don't know if he knows him.


My brother sailed three years with him.

The captain helped him depart from heroin.

We can never pay him what he did.

They were shipwrecked on October 4, 2001.

Fair and the other two sailoreroseran young and saved,

But the captain ... poor.

What was the other two?

Marcos Valverde married a vacationer,

He stayed here in the town.

And José Arias left to work the North Sea.


I met an arias at the auction.

He returned to the town a couple of years ago.

But he told me that it was not dealing with his brother.

That night changed their lives.

¿Le ayudo?Nope.

A woman saw Casteloa go 6:30 in the morning.

I was alone.

Apparently, his ship was the only one that came out on Sunday

Because he was wrong. What's from Sousa?

They say he has been moving Castelo for some time, they say.

Do I help you or not? Does threatening how?

That made a painted on the ship

That Castelo got pale to see what he put.

Do you leave me? What did you put?

We do not know, a carpenter took the boat and erased it.

Rafa! What do you want?

And that carpenter where he lives? He has a workshop in the port.

The blond brought me the auxiliary boat two or three weeks ago.

He brought something written in red letters.

He asked me for a sandpaper and painting and covered it.

Could you read it?

There was a date.

4th of October...

I do not remember the year. 2001.

Can be.

Below it seemed to me that he put murderers.



"Yes?"Hello, I am Inspector Caldas.

I would like to talk to Marcos Valverde. "No, it's not."

Could you talk to you?

"Sí, les abro".Thanks.


Fuck!What a little house, right? Do you like?

We bought it two years ago. It was from an architect from Madrid.

It cost us a lot to sell it to us, huh?

But Marcos knew that I liked it, he didn't stop until he was convinced.

It has a gift for that.


Es muy bonita.Thanks.

But winters here are very hard.

I spend the year wishing heat and people arrive.

What does your husband do?

To too many things.

Construction, gas stations ... now he has given him to make wine.

He spends his life in that winery.

They have told us that he also worked at sea.

Yes, but Marcosno likes to talk about it.

He survived a shipwreck where a man died.

Already, precisely, the sailorque appeared yesterday drowned

It was part of that crew.

Do you know if their husband and were still seeing?

Nope.Marcos no trata con ningone.

I believe that I avoid purpose, as a defense for not ...

Not to remember.

You did know Castelo, right?

Yes, I have once bought seafood, yes.

With whom I take very goods with her sister Alicia, the teacher.


It is the best in town.

Has he scored if her husband was more worried lately for something?

Marcos always worried about something.

Did you know Captain Sousa? And what they say about him.

In a small town you can't have secrets, right?

But he will have told him that ...

My husband has no time for superstitions.

Surely he doesn't want me to wait for him?

No, I prefer that you go to Verdedos you can buy those flanges.

Look who's here.

-Man, Carlitos.

What a surprise.

-You stay to eat, right? -Naturally yes.

You know you are not the first Caldascon who speak today.

Oh no?

Your father called me a moment ago

To ask the name of a moron.

Yes, he points them in a notebook. He says that it is the book of the idiots.

But still still with that?

I think it started when your mother still lived.

The retirement is sitting good, huh?

The truth is that a mediconunca retires at all.

But I can not complain.

In addition, now I have time to get out of fishing every day.

You are in Panchón because of the drowning.


Did you get to see the body? No, they don't call me for that anymore.

What's happening?Was there anything weird? I don't know.

It looks like a manual suicide.

The Justo Castelo was a rare, lonely guy.

And throwing into the sea tied typical from which he doesn't want to fail.

In addition, addictions usually present depressive paintings

over time.

Yes, a strange substance was carried in a bag.

But it turned out to be salt.

That is an amulet. Salt?


Some prefer the figay others the salt bag.

Well, he wore both.

Do you think it can be for Captain Sousa?

There was always something strange in that shipwreck.

The first thing, that the nocheno was to navigate

And Sousa was not reckless.

It is not understood that he did not ask for coat in any port.

Where did the ship sank?

Here, near the island of Sálvora.Sálvora.

Another mystery.

They went against some rocks that anyone knows

that has sailed there twice.

Sousa had to meet them.

They found their body weeks later

in a fishing nets. Did you be in the lifting?

No, they sent him to Vigo. Some forensic would be occupied there.

But someone would recognize him, right? Yes, his wife.

It was his only family.

And he died shortly after.

I hated those three boys.

He said that none of them had moved a finger

To get her husband out of the water. You also believe it, right?

What I know is that before the shipwreck they were a pineapple, and then separated.

Something had to happen to them. A shipwreck is something.

Something else, I read.

The shipwrecked ones that survive perpetual ties,

Like soldiers that share trench.

And they stopped talking.

The blond locked himself in his shell, Arias emigrated to Scotland ...

And Valverde did not step on a port.

You were with them, right?

With Arias.valverde I was not at home.

I was talking to his wife. He does not seem to go wrong.

He left the Mary dedicated himself to making houses.

You see how the people have.

With the excuse of rationalist architecture, everything drains.

Another that is dedicated to wine.

Did anyone talk about wine? -Yes, but it's not like your father.

Valverde looks in the wine prestige that does not give the brick.

To your father the prestigiole imports a carallo.

Fuck, what knives, huh? "You will complain.

Can you drink or are you service?

It is your father's. Then, with more reason.

I never told you about that dizziness.

-Ay, you had a sprinkler Mallen.

-Look at this picture.

This is you? Yes, and the other is Sousa.

What did he have there? He called him the Macana.

It was a kind of barrack a ball at the tip.

I guess he would go to the bottom with her.

Do you have more photos of yours? Another thing will not be, but photos ...

-Look, this is full crew.

Let's see.

Valverde, Arias, El Rubio, Captain Sousa ...

Take the folder, man.

I did that a few weeks before the shipwreck.

-And how about your uncle?

There it goes, there. Yes, man, you will see.

Bah, it's you ...

Nothing, no trace of the flakes for any part.

Do you see how I already said that they were rare? On the other hand, there are many sailors

They swore to have seen the xurelo sailing.

In the middle of the night, between the fog.

Wait.Wait here.

Is it going to fish? I will replace some nasas.

Why don't you tell me that Castelo and you

They sailed with Captain Sousa? He did not ask.

Do you know that someone painted the wreck date

In the Castelo boat?


And they wrote the word "murderer."

I don't know what to write the blond boat, inspector,

In mine nobody wrote anything.



Let's go.

Yes, tell me.

We're going over there.

I barely dealt with Arias and the Rubiodo during all these years.

Why did they stop seeing?

I imagine that we know we suffer a shipwreck.

About.How was she?

There was a very bad sea that night and we were going home.

Captain Sousa went to the helm trying not to lose course.

We were to his sides we could.

Until that wave arrived.

Lifted us,

And when we fell, I heard the helmet creak.

The ship was scaled,

And before we realize we are in the water.

The captain? We no longer saw it again.

I don't know how we were able to get swimming to the shore.

But we did it.

Did the vests wear?

Yes, without them we would not have left. The captain too?

The blonde offered him by unoccuting the thing began to get ugly,

But Captain Sousa was ...

It was a hard guy.

He just thought about saving the ship.


And if the sea was so bad,

Why didn't they look for a shelter in that area?

I imagine that because we had the cellar full,

But that would have to be asked by Captain.

Yes of course.

And then what else happened?

Each one continued with his life.

The blond continued fishing,

Arias left the people after,

And I went ahead as I could. It hasn't done badly.

Do not deceive what you see.

I have not always lived a house like this,

And nobody gave me what I have. Sure, of course.Of course.

Do you know that there are those who see Captain Sousa sailing here?

I wish.

Castelo should have more doubts than you.

He was loaded with amulets.

I don't know what the blond wanted, inspector.Fear is free.

But you are not afraid, not, of those stories.

But knows?

Today, still ...

It still has a hard time putting my feet on the sea.

I was convinced that they hit him with a tube key,

of those that use for the nuts of the wheels of the cars.

But it could also be with this. Are there more photos?

Yes, but this is the best.

Antonio ...

Antonio Sousa.

Antonio Sousa, ship patron.

Drowned in 2001. That is.

He appeared on the network of a drag. The crabs were eating it.

Good. It is completely disfigured.

It could be anyone. Did the DNA analyze?

He wore the same clothes, the same medal.She didn't need.

There are hundreds of sailors with this clothes and this same medal.

The widow identified it. The widow?

Life would not want to look.

I would have identified anyone to bury him as soon as possible.

What do you want to hear, Leo?

What you want knowledge if another person can be.

Another lawyer with the same clothes, the same complexion?

Just tell me if possible.

Let's go, right?

You don't like the site.


Do I put another one? One.

By the way, the salt bag is an amulet.

I remembered yesterday to leave. I know it.

I don't see one since I sailed.

(Melancholic music)


Good morning Good Morning.

The Castelo call record has just arrived.

He received every day called a cabin of the port.

They did not last more than four seconds.

There is more.Don't you know who made the last call?

To José Arias.



Will be asleep.

He has been sailing all night ...

Well, get up.Arias!

Leave it!

Leave it. ABRE, Pussy!

We return later.

Open, I put the door down!

Hey!What's happening?

There is no one here?

José Arias lives here, right? Do you know if he is at home?

Sordo is not.

He came from the sea early, but came out again.

I don't think late.



He told us not to be Castelo out of the fish market.

On Saturday they were talking on the phone for eight minutes.

And who says it? The telephone company.

What happens, this is not your number?

He lost a defense and wanted to know if I found her.

One that?

A defense, a buoy. They are sometimes released from the ship.

And did he take eight minutes to ask for that?

Let's go.


I believe it. I think if I believe it.

One asks for the buoy, the other what buoy,

and that pum, that pam, that pim, that pum,

Eight minutes talking about the Boyay do not reach any conclusion.


Is that ass of Valverde's wife?

Tell me, clear. "Hello, Leo".

Castelo ship has appeared. Where?

A boy found him while doing underwater fishing

next to the Monteferro lighthouse.

"¿Aún estáis en Panxón?".Yes.

"We're going over there".

The sailors here call this place "the pool",

Because submerged rocks form a natural wall around.

And where is the ship?

There, submerged. With a hole in the helmet.

The one who sank it did not want it to appear.

Wouldn't it have been better to far?

Nope. En alta mar, las corrientesarrastrarían los restos a la costa.

Instead, down the sea is still.

The only risk is to find an diver.

But there are not many people diving at this time of year.

The normal thing is that it is covered with algae down there forever.

Is it possible that someone's body drowns here

Can another side appear on a beach?

I think not.

It would be necessary to ask someone to know these currents well.

The lighthouse is up here.

El Rubio's body appeared on this beach.

The current goes in this direction.

Therefore, if he had drowned in the lighthouse,

The sea would drag him there, he would never bring him to the beach.

Do you understand? Yes, more or less.

Look, I planned to go fishing. Why don't you accompany me?

You will understand it better in the sea. Come on.

What happens, artist?

-Good morning Doctor.-Está quedando preciosa.

This kid is a phenomenon.

The obvious proof that God made man with fingers.

Yesterday I was looking among my old photos

And I found this.

There is your mother.

I assumed you would like to have it.

(Melancholic music)

Look, the site here perfect to hide something

Because below the sea is calm.

But you have to be here to meet him.

Allí se puede desembarcar, ¿no?Yes. Además, eso.

It is the only place on this side of the mountain where you can disembark.

Pero ¿hemos venido aquía pescar o qué? Let's go.

Can't you fish in progress?

He robbed it no. Well, fish something else.

Look at the lighthouse.

Hermida says she saw Sousanavegando for the lighthouse.

Can you think we can find it?

Well I do not know.

But there are things that are not spoken on a ship.

Why don't we return? Vacuum?

Look, stop bothering this hook.

What is this?

They are alive! Pussy, of course they are alive.

(Vomita) (laughs)



Do you think it is beautiful to score an old man on his fishing day?

That how are you?


Let's go?


What possibilities are there to get dizzy again?

Do you still have something to throw?

Did you fish or what?

Yes, because.

Old bottles, bags ...

Look, even a nut key for a car.

Any day they throw a steering wheel.

What? Espera, espera.

Look, there is a path up there.

You can call someone pick you up by car.

You already screwed me today.

So we also get dizzy in the boats, right?

Take, for the coroner.

Is it better?

Did you take the key to the coroner? I come from there.

He says the form coincides, that Monday confirms it.

But I don't think they would give her.

Hombre, si la forma coincide...Already.

But it's like hiding the boat there, attached to the mountain.

You heard it was for the remains not to surface.

In addition, from there you can disembark without witnesses.

If someone takes so many discomfort in sinking the ship,

Why not with the crime weapon? Because there is no weapon of any crime.

For everyone, Castelo committed suicide.Spot.

Dead drowned.

Not having been because the flasno were tied to height

Of the thumbs, we would have thought about the same.

Well, we still have nothing.

We know that he had panic Captain Sousa.

But if they found that key, the bar has nothing to do.

The bar is not, but there are the painted,

Amulets, calls between sailors ...

In addition, it had to be someone who knew this coast.

Have we verified if there is any camera in the houses

What is on the road that goes to the lighthouse?



(Soft music)

Carallo, you were hungry.

It is the first thing you comfort for lunch.

I only got dizzy, but it was in the Indian.


How many years did you sail?

15. From 24 to 39.

And you know where I saw the most beautiful women?In mombasa.



Hey, if you were sailing by the island of Sálvora

And a storm was unleashed, where would you take refuge?

Go to Carallo, I'm talking about mombasa,

You come with Sálvora.

Sálvora is here.

Well, I suppose I would go to Ribeira, who has a draft for a merchant.

But a small fishing

Of those who spend a lot of nights on the high seas.

Then, in Aguiño.

Aguiño! I would say yes.

(Suspense music)

Aguiño, Aguiño, Aguiño.

Fishing shipwrecked in Sálvora.

Here it is.

Missing woman in Aguiño.

Rebeca Neira, 32, lack of home.

Rebeca Neira.

Two thousand...


Rebeca Neira.

He was last seen with two strangers.



I think they were in Aguiño.

"The night Captain Sousa drowned"

The disappearance of a woman in Aguiño was denounced.

He was last seen with two sailors.

What time is, inspector?

"Listen to the description of one of them."

Young, thin, with blond hair.

He wore a dark blue water suit.

You have to be Castelo. Do you pick me up tomorrow?

Morning? Tomorrow is Saturday.

At eight o'clock.

Who was?

Who will be, daughter.

Who will be.

Come here, go.

(Talk in Galician)

And Arias?

(Talk in Galician)


He called for some defenses, for a whores defenses!

I don't come for that, I don't come for that.

Is that no one explanatory is possible that Sousa

Do not look for a shelter in that area of that area

as was the night.

Surely they weren't in Aguiño?

I can't answer that.

Can be.¿Por qué se echaron a la mar

without waiting for the storm to love?

I can't answer that because I didn't rule that ship.

I was a simple sailor in that ship.


Does the name of Rebeca Neira sound?

Who is Rebeca Neira? A neighbor of Aguiño.

He spent part of that night with a sailor.

¿La recuerda?Nope.

No, no, deja. Pago yo.Thanks.

One thing, inspector.

Tell me. Today is Saturday, right?


I would not have to be here.

I don't know me, eh?

We are here for you.

Couldn't we wait for Monday?

El lunes no hay lonja, Rafa¿Y qué, coño?

These people do not disintegor that there is no Lonja.

It does not matter Sunday, Monday, in the morning, at night.

Call by phone, let out your rolly you don't stop to ask

If others have things to do or not.

If you say it for yesterday ...

Yesterday, tomorrow, for the past, for the other, for the uncle of the motorcycle.

I didn't know the time it was. And what?

We are not blamed for you not have more life than work.

Let's go.


I explained that we carried the full winery,

and for the captain it was the first. But they stood in a port.


¿Seguro?Surely they weren't in Aguiño?

Let's see, let me remember.

If I remember correctly, I would say that ...

Yes, we stop to refuel that night,

But I wouldn't know how to tell them in Aguiño.

Could it be there?

Yes, it could be. They mentioned it.

They were with a woman, right?

A woman?Where? Where is she going to be?In Aguiño.

Of course not.

A woman was seen in Aguiñocon a blond sailor.

Yes.¿Podría ser Castelo?

Look, with all frankness, I think it is impossible for him to be.

If we stopped, it was to repost, it had to be very little time.

Are we going to Aguiño?

No, leave it.We are going on Monday.


Cone!Look who has come.

What a good face you have.

What, we invite you to a little vinito?

What is celebrated?

That finally his nephew came to see him.


He goes home tomorrow.

With oxygen, but it will install on the farm.

Are you going to endure?

I will notify you to take a hand when they are discharged.

Hey, Leo, what is the name of the boyfriend of Aurora?


The one who was fool of the ass.



(Soft music)

The complaint was put by Diego Neira, the son of the missing woman.

He was minor, was accompanied by a woman from the town.

And he is the only one that the blonde and the other.

And what happened with her?

I do not know, because in the files the complaint consists.

That was Rebeca Neiray's house of his son.

And what? They have not told him or Pío, right?

They left the town a few years ago. Fortunately, the partner

that collected the denunciatodavía continues to live here.

I am no longer a partner. I retired.

Well, we are investigating the murder of a sailor.

Here, in Aguiño? It could have to do with this, yes.

You will see.In the complaint,

Diego Neira refers to a blond sailor.

We believe it could be this.

They wreck a few miles here, in Sálvora.

The employer drowned.

I don't know how I can help.

We would like to be able to speak with Rebeca Neira or with your son.

We know they don't live here anymore.


Rebeca left that night and did not return to the town.

¿No volvió?Se largó con one.

With one?Who? With any.

She was like that. But they looked for her?

A time.

Until someone had seen it somewhere.

Was that proven?

And the boy?

He also vanished after a few days.

I think the mother came to look for him.

But the boy did not withdraw the complaint.

He would be ashamed to admit that everything was another adventure of his mother.

The woman who accompanied the boy to put the complaint

still living in Aguiño?

Here are.You will see how in Dous, three days, Mellora.

-Ben.Moitas Grazas, Irene.-Nada.Attach logo.



I am the inspector Caldas. He is the Estévez agent.

We come from Vigo. Why the robbery again?

No no no.We tried to locate an Aguiño neighbor.

It's called Rebeca Neira. I don't know if you know her.

We know that I don't live here anymore.

No, Rebeca does not live anywhere.

He died?

He didn't die, they killed her.


In 2001.

That night, Rebeca went out to buy cigarette to the bar of the port.

As always that he ran out of tobacco at night.

"Diego fell asleer on the sofavar a movie."

(Suspense music)

-You will not come home.

The child is.Another day.

(Irene) "Diego understood that he hindered and left."

-Diego! Diego!

-"The poor did not know where to go.

He stopped and saw one of the men to enter the house. "

"The other went to the port.

He had blond hair. "

Diego found a foreigner.

The complaint is not described that entered the house.

Because he couldn't see him. We knew who they were.

Diego looked like sailors, but they couldn't be.

The fleet was tied up by the storm.

A ship that arrived that night should be in the morning at the port,

And here there were no more ships of the town.

Already.Pegamos carteles por todas partes.

We organize beaters for days looking for it, but nothing.

And why do you think it is dead?

Because he would not have idode his son.

In addition, Diego saw a stain. He seemed like blood.

That doesn't appear here either.

It did not give importance until after putting the complaint.

Didn't they tell this man, the police ...?

Somoza.A Somoza?


Somoza had had a problem with Rebeca years before.

It was always a pig.

Rebeca denounced him for trying to pass the line.

The thing was anything, but Somoza did not forgive him.

At the police station he put in doubtful thing that Diego told him.

He humbled him.He did nothing to look for his mother.

And the boy, Diego Neira, where can we find him?

He left for a short time home about grandmother, lived to the north, in Ferrol.

He called me from time to time, and I don't know ...

He still had nightmares with the blonde man.

¿Siguen en contacto?Nope. Hace siete u ocho años

He called me to tell me his grandmother had died.

That he left, but he didn't tell me where. Don't you have a photograph of yours?


Can I ask what interest is coming after so long?

Yes of course.

This is the crew of the ship that sank

A few miles from here that night, in Sálvora.

You may spend a few hours in Aguiño.

The blond was killed a few days ago.

Well, we are investigating his death.

Do you think Rebeca was going on this ship?

Muchas gracias.Thanks.

Well, they had a good reason to throw themselves into the sea

en mitad de atormenta, ¿no?Yes.

What I don't know Scamo found Castelo.

Panxón is south.And he went to live many kilometers north.

I don't know, Rafa, I don't know either. I don't know.

What I do know is that Diego Neira

He had a good reason to kill the blond.


Come, pussy, open now!

No one is going to open them.She left.

A couple of days ago, I was a suitcase.

Are they really police?


Are they here for the blond? Exactly.

Poor Rapaz!The other day was there, where are you,

and the next day he is already dead. How?

Was Castelo here, came to see Arias?

He didn't tell him that he was here before he died.

Did he hear them? He was desperate, the pobriño.

Que si les oyó hablar.Nope.

But he looked in his eyes.

I think he had already decided to get out of the middle.

-He was later talking to you.

Yes, we already know that.

But they are wrong looking for him.

It has nothing to do with the death of Justo, they had no relationship.

Do you know they were talking the day before the death of their brother?

It was not my brother who called José Arias that day.

It was me.

I called him from my brother's home.

If he told them something else to protect me.

I am married and this is a small town.

Well, it's not just the call.

His brother came to see Ariasla afternoon before he died.

That can't be. Do you not tell him?

Nope.¿Dónde ha ido?

I do not know.

I just hope I don't late, 11 years to return.

Leave her.

I don't know what else I can tell you, I've already told you what I remembered.

You knew that the painted castelo boat did not have

Nothing to do with the death of Captain Sousa, right?

Look, I don't understand him, I don't know where he wants to go.

We come from Aguiño.

That woman, Rebeca Neira, disappeared the same night

in which you wreck.

Two sailors were with her at home, one was just Castelo.

Who was the other? I didn't.

He has not asked that. My answer is clear,

I tell him that I don't know, I don't know who he was, what else do they want?


Was Arias?

He can speak quiet, he left the town.

Covering up a crime is a crime.

Listen, I don't cover anything.

But I can't declare what I don't know.


I know how he located it. How?

The blond fish a rare fish,

I saw the newspaper cut framed at home.

Also, I think he went on television, the sister told me.

When?No sé, el año pasado.

It was today, right?

I'm sorry dad.

I am sorry.

So you don't come?

No, I will not be able to.

Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow, of course.

Arias appears as a passenger in a Madrid-Glasgow flight

On Sunday morning, he has a daughter there.

Eilín.Yes, something like that.

What else? Your background: violation,

injuriesLast time he destroys a bar in Baiona

A patrol was needed to reduce it.

It doesn't surprise me.What about the boy? That is another ghost.

Do you think José Arias may have gone?

There is no way to run so that they persecute you.

Well, hopefully be reason and be scotland, I prefer that it be

another one who stops him.What else?

Clara Barcia is looking for it.

He says he has a camera near the lighthouse.

The camera is in a house before the detour that leads to the lighthouse.

He has a movement sensor, luckily there is little.

This is at 6:05.

A Land Rover goes to the lighthouse. We are interested in those who come.

Well, I show you what there is.

The next is at 6:30.

That hood with a hood is walking from the lighthouse.

Too soon, that Horacastelo was already at sea.

Well, the last one is 7:30.

The SUV returning from the lighthouse.

Y no hay nada más.Nope.

Wait a minute.Can you put the one who walks again?

Can you see that bigger?

What happens? What is the same, right?

I think it is the same, the one who walks and the one who goes by car.

Can you put two images together?

It could be. Let's see if I clarify.

A car goes to the Faroa 6:05.

And its driver goes down to ... 6:30.

And an hour later the sameconductor goes down again

mounted in your car. Yes, but we don't see it

Go to pick up the car.

Or it returned through or had to have caught the camera.

Rafa, who saw Castelo on Sunday morning going to the sea?

An elder lady from there. Share how she was dressed.

What had you uploading it from the water?

A finite blue waterproof.

Surely it is the same car, right?

Sure, I checked that before.

He is a Land Rover, he has a Rayazoy, he lacks a rearview mirror.

He wore the usual waters.

Did you wear the hood on? Forgive, did you wear the hood on?

Yes, thanks.


no era Just Castelo.¿Me explicáis qué pasa?

Surely he caught him on Saturday night, he took him out

All the information he could, hit him, tied his hands,

And he threw it into the water, as the coroner said.

I needed a alibi: to make us believe everyone

that on Sunday in the morning I was alive.

The bastard takes the car, takes it to the lighthouse, leaves it there, dresses

like castelo and goes to the port. It is seen there,

grabs the castelo boat, the lighthouse goes, and can sink it

without witnesses. He rides in his car and leaves.

But do you know who it is? (Both) Diego Nei ...

Diego Neira.barcia.

Valverde's wife wants to talk to you.

Pásamela here. No, it is not a call;Thank you.

Pass it again, please.

What happens, something happened? They have shattered us

la puerta del jardín.When?

A couple of hours ago. Did they enter the house?

No, we believe no, but I don't think about another night.

I guess he has come to make a complaint, right?

Yes. Mi marido no quería, pero yo sí.

He doesn't even know I'm here, talking to you.Inspector,

I am worried about my husband.

Is her husband at home? Looking for a carpenter.

Calm. I have fear that I can

Pass something. Don't worry.

We take care of us. Take a statement, please.


They have tried in Valverde's house.

The boy? That seems, we go.

I want Ferro and you approaching Panxón, someone has

To have seen that Land Rover, turn around.

Well, I don't understand why it has Rotola Puerta, it was easier to jump it.


What are you doing here?

We came to talk to you, have you entered the house?

Nope. Son solo un par de maderas rotas.

Do you want me to put a guard agent?

No, they will come to fix the door,

and I will install an alarm. It will be enough.

Castelo is dead, Arias has left,

If you adjust the next one, you will be.


I appreciate your help, send them tomorrow.

Did they call a carpenter? Yes, that's there.

And you have to wear the helmet, huh?

Clara and Ferro are already here, they say they have been talking

With a ferrolle commissioner he met Diego Neira.

And? Apparently Diego Neira

He had an accident a few years ago. And?

The hole was to enter the house.

How? Do you remember the boy who danced

The comet the other day on the beach?

Do you remember that he wore an orthopedic leg?

Sure, pussy, you can't jump door, that's why it has broken it.

Exact.Exactly, come on.


Chief, are here. Look me as soon as you have something.

I've been talking with traffic for 10 minutes.

There is no Land Rover asel that we seek to enroll here.

Did Rafaque told you about Ferrol?

Yes, the accident of Diego Neira.

He had to break the door of Valverde's house to enter

With the orthopedic leg, I think we have it located.

Orthopedic leg? Isn't it lame?

Didn't he have an accident? But in one hand.

Several fingers were cut with a mountain range, it was carpenter.He built ships

of wood and things like that.

Prepare a unit, we go to Valverde's house.




Diego Neira.

We have been in Aguiño, we come to look for you.

Leave that on the floor, Diego.

Are you dumb or what?Haven't you heard the inspector?Come, leave that.

Me cago en... Ven aquí.Rafa

Rafa! Come here, pussy.

Come here! What are you run for, huh?

What are you run for?Hey?

¿Es el hijo de aquella chica?Yes.

But why did I come for me? I did nothing.

Doing nothing is not enough. What did I want?

What ended at the bottom of the Marcromo Captain Sousa?

Do you want to accompany us to police station and tell us what you know?

Whenever you want.

We arrived in Puertoy we started dinner at the bridge,

like other times.

Arias was drunking that woman appeared.

Look look.Look that Peixe, see that Peixe.Terra in sight!

Beautiful!I'm looking for aha com you!

Take out of there, you.

The two left with her

and Captain Sousay I will sleep.

I wouldn't know how to say how long they came back, just ...

I remember that I woke up with the blows of the waves.

Then I accessed the bridge and ...

And that's it.Arias.

He went to the helm, at his feet, Captain Sousa was.


He had blood on his head.

A few minutes later he directed the rocks.We put the vest.

And very shortly before crashing we threw ourselves into the water.

What happened to the girl?

There was a lump in deck in a blanket.

To a voice of Arias, the blond rolled him in a chain.

And threw it overboard.

Thank you very much.That is all.

Do you think he will keep his declaration with Arias is in front of him?

I don't know, he has panic.

What do you think of the boy?

He refuses to speak, it seems in shock.

He has only said that he did not kill the blond.

And you believe him?


Oh, if they left me, if you were going to speak or not ...

We know about your mother.

We know that he did not abandon you.

We just made a statement to Marcos Valverde.

He told us everything that happened in Aguiño that night.

Was the?


Where is it?

Are you going to catch it? I hope so.

And what did they do with my mother?

Your mother is at sea.

Near Aguiño.

Are you going to look for it?

I can only promise you that I will do what I can.

Are you going to get me out of here?

Are you going to tell me what happened to Castelo?

I don't know what happened to him.

I have nothing to do with the death of El Blond.

And with the graffiti either? Yes, the graffiti did.

Ah.Fo confess.

I wanted to find the man who killed my mother.

And what were you going to do with him?

I wanted to ask why.

Good.I put myself in your place.

And I understand that you want to kill them. In my place?

The judge will believe you if you declared that you pressed a little

to give you the pair of names, but that slipped trying to flee.

You couldn't do anything anymore, in a short time you will be on the street.

Diego, I'm trying to offer you an exit.

You don't offer me an exit.

You want me to declare me guilty of a death.

I have not killed anyone.



(Radio) "In vigo, not xulgado of institution number oito, decreeuse

This unconditional imprisonment avenie on bail for Diego Neira, 26

years, accused gives morte de justocastelo, or mariñeiro cxo corpse

Foi Atloped Nunha Praiade Panxón Hai Duas weeks.

A news gives Neira, who works as Carpinteiro Naval


Among the neighbors who semi -foresee Morte do Mariñeiro

as a suicide. "

(TV) "Second Puido Sabera Televisión de Galicia, to Vinganza

It would be or mobile do crime that would be related to disappearance da nai

do accused, Ocorridahai 14 years in Aguiño.

Novas tried would point to Amuller, in disarmed location

dende outubro of 2001, I can be assassed na mesma noite

It gives disappearance two mebros do xurelo, or fisqueiro did not work

or agora ...

In Scotland Prosegur looking for José Arias.You faithful poles that are sought,

Remove Outubro from 2001, Candocoa Collaboration Doutro Mariñeiro,

Matou to Rebeca Neira, disappear in the corpse Puideron

Boot or sea ".

They have arrested Arias in Scotland. Have you made a statement?

Admits that he was very drunk, but the only thing he remembers

It is the cold was the water. When do they transfer it?

I do not know. Pronto, supongo.

I wanted to tell you that I'm going to take a couple of days off.

It seems good to me. And you should also rest.

And open the window.


Up.That is, very good.


Where did you get that flange?

They sent me some samples of the Association of ... of winemakers.

Did all the winemakers send flanges like this?

Yes because?

Take me to Vigo. Now?

Yes, now!

I thank you very much what they have done for my husband.If it does not become

For you, namely what would have happened, right?There is.

-I know they caught Arias. Yes, in Scotland.

Congratulations, inspector, today you will leave here

Without a box of my best wine.

Your wife says you have to get what is proposed.

And it's true. But surely he doesn't know

That a young woman named Rebeca Neirase resisted you.

How does it say? And I suppose you don't know

that Captain Sousa also faced you because he didn't want

Sunning on a storm night. The two paid it with life.

That sure has not told his wife, right?

I imagine that you will have some explanation to keep what you are insinuating.

Yes, I have the testimony of Arias ...

So now Arias has decided to accuse me, precisely he

who vanished after the wreck and who has now lacked time

to run away from that boy, I was fleeing from you.

From my?A man like Ariahing of someone like me.

Arias is just strong on the outside. I would not move a finger against you

knowing how he knows that he is capable of anything

When something got in his way.Another different thing

It's Castelo.Castelosí had lost his fear.

But I wanted to sleep peacefully. But let's see, how dares

You come ... how do you dare to come to my house

and accuse me of something like this!

Tranquilo, ¿eh? Calm.No me toques.

We have the tubocon key that hit Castelo,

He didn't even care about throwing it into the sea.

Of course, who was going to investigate the suicide of a poor unfortunate?

My car is here, why don't you check it right now

And do we stop wasting time?

Yes, yes, we are going to check everything. But tell me one thing.

Was he here on Saturday afternoon Castelo?Here at his house?

Something of seafood may go to offer you.

Sometimes he bought him directly.All I know is

that the Sunday saw on their boat,

And that Sunday I was my cellar from early.

You can talk to anyone.

If it is from your winery you should answer.

They probably want to warn that some colleagues

They are there with a registration order.

I already told him we were going to check everything.


How did we not realize that a builder did not need

A carpenter of ships to fix the door of your house?

It is funny, huh?We came to protect you

And we save that unfortunate to end like his mother, at sea.



Of his winery.

We have the car, inspector. And the tube key is missing.

In the trunk, this waters and flanges.

Very well.

That's all.


Today does not go fishing, huh? No, until the tide goes up.

They already told me that he was this morning in court.

Almost two hours.

They gave me their message and I appreciate it, but no ...

I didn't need to apologize. I think so.

Like the poor blond, that's what the house came the night before

that this bastard liquidated it. To apologize, to vent.

In addition to those painted in the Barcorecibía called almost every day

At any time and ... I could not.

Although in doing so I could end up prisoner, I was going to talk.

Did they killed her between the two?

No, Valverde alone.

Wait!Come Comigo, Ven Comigo.SAE!Venña, come on, to loan.

The blond had already been sleeping on the ship for a while when he came

That bastard to wake him up.

And convince him to help him clean the house.



But they did take her together.

Valverde hit Sousa to be able to play, headed to the rocks

And the rest you know.

And why did you leave?

Valverde threatened me from the beginning with loading me

That girl was ever talked.I had already had

My problems with justice.

Who were they going to believe?

Are you going to leave again? No, I'll stay here.

Until the tide goes up.

Until the tide goes up. Sí, señor.

Until the tide goes up.

(Music credits)

Somos cine - La playa de los ahogados - Ver ahora

The film that can be seen for free and online on our channel Somos Cine, tells the story that surrounds the appearance of a body drowned with hands tied.A meeting that will lead to an investigation by Inspector Leo Caldas that will lead to very unsuspected discoveries.A story about which the author himself spoke a few years ago on page two.

09.06 minPágina 2 - Entrevista: Domingo Villar

The fog and the maiden, by Lorenzo Silva

In 2017, Quim Gutiérrez and Aura Garrido got into the skin of the protagonists that Lorenzo Silva had created years before.The film adaptation was directed by Andrés Koppel that, on this occasion, carried out "deep changes" in the novel.Of course, with the approval of Lorenzo Silva himself.

"It is a wonderful novel but I needed to be changed to be a movie. Great adaptations of the history of cinema are deep changes about novels, there are very few novels that have been taken to the letter and that have been good movies," said theDirector in an interview for RTVE.Above all, Silva himself also spoke on page two.

28.26 minTranscripción completa

"I went with the captain to the headquarters.

In the runners there were splendid aerial photos of the Strait area

that they let it appreciate at the same time

The exceptional natural beauty of the place

And the intensive manner and interaction of man

I had altered it in some areas. "

Philip Roth 10 years ago

He decided to stop writing.

And his translators left us in the stake.

Only twice

I have had an absolutely cold communication.

Ask something to receive the answer

Since it is over.

Your French translator

Of this he was a friend.

I said I will publish a novel that has a word


that the heart of the action the problem that the protagonist has

It depends on the use of that word.

And this is very complicated.

So see here.

Vente to New York

And we will work on this.

There are translators who have

Rajatabla does not consult the author.

Because they prefer to solve determined issues

in their own way.

There are others that what they do is to consult with the author

But send consultations and doubts have ended

The translation process.

And there are others that maintain contact

With the author to maintain contact with him

During translation.

I had to fix them for myself

And the truth is that I got angry.

When I get angry.

In all my long career.

What was it?

In which I did completely that word.

I made a real recreation had a rewriting.

There are three pages,

of "the human stain"

What is a text of mine

In a way, it is not what Roth wrote.

Of course, the meaning is identical.

The authors and other North Americans

My experience has not liked them involved a lot

With the Spanish translator.

So one thing that seemed attractive to this trade

that was to be able to talk to him

Author and know exactly what it wanted to say.

I have never achieved a dialogue.

Fluid, it is always very specific.

In the case of Dan Brown

It is one of those cases that the translation of the original

one of the few cases,

It is a project of an exterma security so that there are no leaks

There is no piracy.

Maximum security in translation.

It is that all translators of the countries that are going to publish

Simultaneously, in our case 13 countries were.

Everyone travels to the same place.

We built a bunkerrespecifically

To host this translation.

With the unique and exclusive purpose that there is only one manuscript

For English consultation.

I felt that it was censored to the author

He did not trust the translators.

In the translation you know there are always debatable things

There are always divergent opinions.

And you never know to what extent

An expert from Columbia University

It is in conditions

to determine what certain things are correct or not.

In recent years

The premise we always score a rare style.

I would like you to do a test by we have read this rare book

that you have written.

And it usually goes well.

So I have some wide manga than other translators.

And I have freedom.

And I have not noticed to be spent the summer

of correction as less ambitious texts.

My my mother Lorenzo, 20 years have already passed

Since the first delivery is published

of these adventures of Chamorro.

Did you trust the series so much?

At the time of publication could have some expectation

But when he wrote the novel that was three years earlier in 95,

The truth is that I didn't expect anything.

I did a kind of reckless experiment.

I want to make a police novel located in Spain,

I want to do it so that I believe it.

And I want to do it without any typode restriction.

With all the audacity to be capable.

And that was what led me to choose to have

to a civil guard couple as protagonists.

With no expectation that they were to be accepted

For the Spanish public.

At least for a very large portion.

For not initiated,

Who are the protagonists?

They are two investigators of the Crime Unit against people.

Of the Central Unit of the Civil Guard in Madrid.

His work is to investigate cases of homicides, kidnappings,

They have a special difficulty.

A special impact.

To your real counterparts

We see them act very media.

He is more veteran, she is a little younger.

He has had a previous professional life.

In the fight against terrorism.

She has always been judicial police.

It has been a couple that has mature

And growing together.

We are in Sotogrande, near San Roque,

I see the rock, the line.

You couldn't choose

Better place for a police plot

The usual place has caught my attention

For its beauty, the Strait of Gibraltar.

I came here for the first time with 14 years

An end of course trip.

They took me to San Roque and I was fascinated with this natural scenario.

It is a place that I always wanted to set a novel.

These novels are almost a travel books.

They travel the Spanish geography

Let's see how far we can tell the argument.

With a policeman it is delicate.

We have a young computer engineer

That has several companies.

One day is kidnapped and ask for 120000 euros

They are in a backpack he has.

Under the bed of his house.

The family delivers it in an area close to it.

But he doesn't appear.

What can we tell, because here the couple already intervenes?

First in a kidnapping they can intervene.

But when there has also been a payment

And that payment has not been followed by liberation

of the kidnapped person

That further restless.

There is another element that worries

This young computer engineer

That is apparently a successful businessman, who has several companies

that has gone well economically is an ancient acquaintance

of the central unit.

Not from the group of protagonists

but of the telematic crimes group that investigated it for fraud

With malicious software, mobile phones and computers.

It is a doubly suspicious kidnapping

The subject of cybercrime

It has not touched much in the literature.

The novel is very documented.

You talk about Bitcoins, a lot of terms

That you have to wear.

I try not to initiate.

I have had to do a course

To learn some things.

I have a good relationship with technology

But it reaches some degrees of sophistication

Understanding it requires a certain effort.

There is another interesting aspect addressed in the novel.

The main problem of the criminal industry

They are normally profitable.

Very profitable.

They generate many benefits that must be bleached.

Whitening in the physical world is very difficult.

In complicated tangible properties.

They usually end up caught.

But on the Internet with cryptocurrency and all its equivalences

that every time they are sophisticated

Well, laundering is very simple.

How important are the secondary ones.

A research group is formed with members of the central unit

of the telematic group, civil guards of the area.

All to work.

Even witnesses, the people who appear,

that is crossing in an investigation.

The black novel in the background is a kind of traveling novel

He almost has a kinship with the odyssey, Don Quixote,

Why is the odyssey good?

Because apart from being interesting Ulysses or Alonso Quijano

The people who are found are interesting.

The people who are giving them key to history.

I have always believed that the credibility of a fiction is played

more than in the protagonist with the one you have worked a lot,

credibility is played secondary.

"I only know how to be a writer."

We have Salinger, a writer

that he never wanted "the guardian between rye"

will take to the cinema.

Ironies of fate is made a movie about his life

focusing on the stage he wrote this novel.

It is the adaptation of a biography.

Yes, Kenneth Slawenski.

He is one of the great experts.

It is a complicated process a 500 -page book.

It is a movie that has many problems.

It doesn't excite me.

But synthesis work is wrong.

He has taken the most important episodes of his life

And when talking about his works, he has focused on the important.

There must be differences.

Yes there are many.

Having to reduce information.

There is one that is fundamental.

In the biography there is quite a lot about Salinger and Burnett's relationship

That was his writing professor at the University.

The first person who published a story.

In the biography there is talk of the importance of this figure.

In the movie it is almost the center.

It is one of the central plots.

As was the intermittent relationship over the years.

There is another difference that has to see format change.

In the biography the effort to review his entire work is made.

Establishing ties with your life.

In the movie they have sacrificed a lot of this.

They focus on the writing process of this novel.

And the importance he had in his life.

To talk about the rest of his work,

is to use fragments of their texts in voiceover.

Did you like it?

Not much.

I think it's a rather routine movie

A rough tad.

Your main problem

When focusing on important figures

What is asked is to transmit the importance of these characters.

I am seeing the chronology of things that are happening

but that does not have the importance it had for history.

It is a movie that is half a gas.

What do you bring me today?

A private book.

"Fantastic cities and where to find them."

Written by the journalist and Cultural Critical Manu González.

He is an expert in comicy fantastic literature.

Has made a guide

On imaginary cities.

They have appeared in the literature, in the comic, movies.

It is a very well documented book.

Within impossible documentation

Gotham City appears.

I just saw that Macondo de García Márquez is.

Or Vetusta of the Regenta de Clarín.

Does Camelot also leave?


His novel begins by giving himself to the rescue.

Just in this breakwater I have here behind.

The rescue of a kidnapping will have terrible consequences.

Evil is presented with a thousand different forms

In police novels.

Also in real life.

You can check it by reading this great book "Sprinters"

There is talk of a historical fact

A German colony settled in Chile in the mid -60s.

It was directed by a former Nazique officer dedicated himself to rape

systematically to the children in the area.

A true descentrate hells.

Through these streets of San Roque the protagonists wanders

by Lorenzo Silva.

And here I want to recommend a book by Great Paul Theroux.

"Mother land".

The story of a Ruin and miserable woman

Mother of 7 children.

That tries to make their children face each other.

They say that each family is a world

Well, the world of this family is terrible.

Many merchandise move in this area of the Strait.

The one I bring you comes from Japan.

It is a beautiful illustrated book

We are told about the different types of sushi there are.

How a Japanese toilet works.

It is a real delight.

Today I am going to recommend:

I will recommend you:

It is the fourth book.

But this has a small summarizes what happened.

He is from a journalist who has thrown and lives in the street

They hire him to guess Vanerger's dream.

Because he dreams of the mystery.

The book goes from a girl

that with his brother and his friends,

They go in search of a potion to grace their parents.

Vanerger is a detective

that could not solve this case.

There is a drawing that I loved.


I liked it a lot because he has very beautiful illustrations.

The part that I liked the most when you go to the store

The teapot.

I don't want a job.

The investigations are developed in these places.

The rock, the line.

San Roque, Sotogrande.

You talk that there are some areas that there is a kind of omertá.

For drug trafficking.

Especially on the line.

It is the most shaking city.

Seized by this phenomenon of informal economy.

Linked to smuggling.

To drug trafficking.

When an illicit industry has such penetration

and such economic and social relevance.

The law of silence is established spontaneously.

I have had the feeling that it is one of the deliveries

with more twilight elements.

It has become greater.

The son's theme.

It is also what it was.

I don't hide it.

It is very deliberate.

From the first sentence.

This twilight touch is.

Of someone who has 51.

For a policeman it is a lot.

Not only because it approaches retirement

but because he has many backs.

The life of an researcher and especially homicides

It is a life with superior emotions accumulation

to the rest of the people.

I have known people who with 25 years of homicide research

They were in a sense elderly.

I like that this element is there.

What I try is to become

In a pretext for despair of the melancholy, or bitterness.

Much less for resentment.

Something I have never wanted to be my characters.

Almost in any of my books.

At least my main characters,


A protagonist is seen in good shape.

At all levels.

They always ask me what the protagonist is.

Or of the protagonist in me.

I think there is more of him than me.

Something I share with him

one thought that certain ages arrived

could involve a certain vital decline

I have passed the half -century barrier

And that does not seem that I have taken energies

On the contrary, in many ways I have more energies than before.

Nor does it take away illusion.

I don't want to do things.

Nor have a mission in life.

That is enriching for me.

And that to power will be something to others.

And he is exactly the same.

Is there an expiration date for the series or not yet?

They have a natural expiration date

The one that has any human being.

It's a job.

What I don't know is what it is.

I do not decide first.

The Spanish government decides at each moment

which is the one who approves the rules that govern retirement

of civil guards.

We'll see, when I reach an age

If, in accordance with current legislation, it has to be retired

Well, I will have to retire.

What happens is that it will be a relatively young person.

For current standards.

I don't know what I will do with him.

I will consider it then.

Do you not think about it?

I have the next three thought.

I have to give me time to write them

in the useful life that is left with the current law.

At the moment I think of those three.

Can you deliver any little thing from that next?

I have been advancing around.

Because it is also a story

that has a lot of relevance in this case.

It is the return to one of the scenarios of his youth.

That appears of refile on more than one occasion in this novel

It coincides with a partner there.

It is his journey in the Basque Country.

Not very long.

A journey that he abandonesóvoluntarily,

not like others.

They have done their entire career in that campaign.

And I think the time has come to tell this story.

Lorenzo Silva has confirmed it during the interview.

The border areas are very literal.

You can check it "far from the heart",

But I would say they are also very television.

After all, we are next to the rock.

"At about 2:45 he entered the Radioun notice of the cos.

Guard Gomez attended them

Without much eagerness.

"Go ahead cos.

Large planner will leave the height of Tangier Med.

Approximate heading towards the rate area ".

He said the voice on the radio.

"Received cos, let's go there."

Suddenly the Merusese brigade turned into another person.

He turned the patrol and put it full power to the west.

Although on the outside it was apparently immovable

In his eyes he shines hunting excitement.

The horsepower on waves

more easily than before.

Levante the wind pushed from stern.

And he also advanced please of waves.

Which made her jump less over her ridges.

The brigade then went to Gómez.

"Notice those below.

That they prepare for the party "".

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Palm trees in snow, of light gabas

The story that Gabas embodied in his book, and later took to the screen in 2015, moves us to the past of Equatorial Guinea as a Spanish colony.A book that delves into the footprints that left the presence of the settlers in this African country and how their experience was there.

An adaptation that had the support and thanks of its author, which was very excited about the project and how it had been faithfully adapted on the screen.Palmeras in the snow was also directed by Fernando González, who two years later would carry out the direction of The Invisible Guardian of Dolores Redondo.

28.16 minTranscripción completa

Would solidify on the outside

(Head music)


Luz, help me to place the spectators,

Because we are in Benasque.

Well, in your novel, Benasque would be Albort.

Specifically, we are in the Palace of the Counts of Ribagorza,

that in your novel stores the house of the mayor.

You have inspired yourself here, where we are now.

Until the town arrives attua, who is a young man in the area,

of the town, which has been studying in Madrid.

Study to be a military engineer.

And when he arrives, he discovers that they have murdered their father,

and decides to take care of the family business,

They are humble thermal baths.

From there many things happen.

What else can we tell?

We can count on the protagonist, attena,

Live in a mountain environment

And many moral dilemmas will face

Among what he wants, what he wants and what life holds him.

We will find a border territory,

We will find a tribute to romanticism, to the romantic,

And we will find recovery, as you said,

of these humble hot springs,

which would later become luxury spas.

With what you have told us now,

We can intuit that it is a novel, on the one hand, of adventures,

But, above all, it is a romantic novel,

es una novela de amor.Yes.

I did not consider the adventures as the typical adventure novel,

but as the things that happens to someone normal, like you and me.

But when life insists on complicating life,

Everything becomes an adventure.

Also, obviously, I was very clear that I wanted to write

A romantic, but very very romantic novel.

And not only in the concept of "Chicoy Chica they fall in love: problems",

but, as I said before, immersed in the world of romanticism.

The environment had to be the mountain, the century had to be the 19th,

The territory had to be border,

There had to be two countries,

I had, of course, to have a lot of love,

But not only the protagonists,

but also different types of love in the other characters.

And there had to be a lot of political passion.

What happens is that this love, this passion, this romanticism,

They remind me of English romanticism.

A little that impossible love,

That is also very present here.

It was the idea.I always liked English literature,

North American, but on Todola English of the XIX.

Romantic, post -romantic, even Gothic ...

The ruins, darker ...

I had all that present in my head,

And everything is placed on each site

in a very intentional way.

The historical context is fundamental in this novel.

We are in 1843, with Espartero in exile,

Isabel II arrives, there are Carlist wars,

Revolutions ... It is a very convulsive moment.

And you detail it very profusely.

Yes, the truth is that it was very clear that it had to be a moment

That was the beginning of something,

and 1843 was the beginning of many subsequent changes.

I even believe that to understand it today

It is good to recover that part of the nineteenth century.

This mixture of progressive, moderate, revolutionaries,

Carlistas, generally in Spain, seemed very good starting point

and then put the focus on a small place

How is the Benasque Valley

and see the relationship that even had

Among the small sites and large sites.

We have a political unmoltenable moment,

We have a romantic, romantic relationship, between attua and cristela,

that also suffers the fluctuations ...

Well, I think the most unimaginable fluctuations,

of which we are going to talk about now. But then there is a third topic

that I think the plot triangle of your novel closes a little

which has to do with the beginning of thermal tourism in this area.

On this side of the Pyrenees, in the Oscense Pyrenees,

But also in French.

There you have, in the novel, there was a great business opportunity,

And everything is counted in a very detailed way.

Yes, because I knew the beginning of Pyrenees

and thermal tourism.

I needed a character that represented the traveler

of the nineteenth century that begins to come to Spain

Because it is already a country, in theory, quieter

to which you can travel without danger,

And what I did was choose a woman, a traveling woman,

because they represented the Russian aristocrats,

French, German, who spent the summers in the fashion sites,

And the fashion sites were the spas of southern France ...

From northern Spain and southern France.


"Tita could never convince the only strange element

In the wedding cake they were tears

that spilled when preparing it.

For now, the most convenient to return to the whipped.

I didn't want to investigate what the limit was

of his mother's patience. "

There are few gastronomic novels

Like the one that the Mexican Laura Esquivel will launch.

"Like chocolate water" is a love story

seasoned with touches of magical realism

And, at the same time, pure passion for the kitchen.

No one who has read the book has been able to forget

to the incredible titration its wonderful dishes,

distributed in its 12 chapters.

Recipes that are much more than simple manipulation

of food ingredients.

Like this wedding cake she usually embarks.

Sometimes, adding peacho what is third.

But this time sadness can with Tita,

who cries on him,

So his tears intoxicated all diners,

that will succumb to your own heartbreak.


When the last two eggs beaten,

The lemon zest is incorporated.

Once the dough has been thickened,

It stops beating and putting sifted flour,

mixing it little by little with a wooden spatula

until everything is incorporated.

The main protagonist of this story,

Also taken to the cinema, it is Tita de la Garza,

a woman who, in the Mexico of the last century,

Know life through the kitchen.

And in it he encloses so many injustices that he has to suffer.

Because Tita has an abusive mother.

See how the love of his life, Pedro,

He marries his sisters, Rosaura,

while the other, Gertrudis,

It is kidnapped by an army general

to end defenestrated in a brothel.

And while Tita is handled between pans and staves,

While exposing all his pain in those impossible dishes

that are part of the family recipe book,

The world around him explodes,

With Emilio Zapatay Pancho Villa at the head.

Today we could have tried chicken enchiladas,

They are good for the soul.

Or its aphrodisiacs quail with rose petals.

But what we learn to prepare this woman's cake,

that was born at the table of a kitchen, between spices, aromas and flavors,

And that Laura Esquivel would convert

In the super -selling writer that he never dreamed of being.

"And now he was the Canadian traveler,

lying on the rear seat of a taxi,

In a nightcluby city it seemed deserted. "

You don't have to worry because you are going to be helpless today,

Since we are going to talk with Antonio Muñoz Molina

of his new book.

Literature, the act of writing and reading,

Many times it has a part of escape, of course.

-"That's how I returned to Barcelonadesto de four long years,

defeated by war, perplexed in my misery. "

-Many times, look elsewhere

It is even hygienic.


-"The Maserati took to the Lavacoches

to clean the blood stained the seat. "

"A column of cleaners,

Pertrechados with simple paper suede,

He pounced on the car. "


Surely many remember the scene of "The Third Man"

shot here, in the Noria del Pater, in Vienna.

One of my youth heroes, the American Charles Bukowski,

He began to seriously publish at 49.

-If you have an eight -hour job, you will pay 55 cents the time,

And that's all you will have.

In the end, I stayed at home, I wrote some stories and poems.

We have asked Javier Marías to tell us about his new novel

To inaugurate the eighth season of "Page Dos", and said yes.

It is a "hamlet" appointment that says:

"Thus begins the evil the worst is behind."

-"I not just liked it, I liked it a lot.

In addition, I was right.

Maybe that was, from the outset, the main virtue of the tape,

But where had Enric Marco left? "


We agree that the two main protagonists of your novel

They are attua and cristela.

These two characters live intense love story.

How could we define each one of them?

Attua is a very responsible young man,

With high moral value,

sense of duty.

He has life very drawn.

In this you can feel many identified people.

In fact, men are already coming to me

They feel identified.

You are very clear about the way you are going to take,

And suddenly, life puts you an obstacle

And you have to reset you.

Cristela is, say, the female version of Attua,

with the difference that a more ambitious young woman is,

Especially emotionally emotionally.

Of course he lives in a hard environment, sometimes even hostile,

And taking into account that she is a mid -nineteenth woman in the Pyrenees,

His life is not really easy to believe it will be.

I believe that both agree that they feel magnetized.

This was the idea.

I had this image not to be able to live separately.

And yet, life insists on separating us.

It is true that we are in the mid -nineteenth century,

But here there are characters advanced to their time.

Aurore, for example, is one of them.

She is a woman advanced to her time.

Yes, but she had ...

All the money in the world.

To be advanced.

I believe that all the things that the novel poses ...

It is a kind of determinism.

It depends on where you are born and with what means you are born,

You have some opportunities or others.

In the case of the aristocratasextranjeras that came

On vacation to the Pyrenees, they were wealthy widows.

It is true that intrepid, because there were others that,

Under the same conditions, they did not throw themselves into adventure.

Aurore for me is a very special character

because it represents this woman who can, indeed,

Even so, it is launched,

And it is open to everything that the vidale puts ahead.

A curiosity. We have talked about a novel

Where there is a lot of Amory there is a lot of passion.

There are also scenes of violence there are sex scenes,

but treated in a very subtle way.

Is it something you try to control a lot?

Because there are writers that feel uncomfortable

When they have to approach type of scenes.

I don't feel uncomfortable,

But it is true that I do not write erotic scenes

or what are considered part of an erotic novel.

I always stay the edge of the torrid.

But I also understand that it depends on the tone of the novel.

So, in "like fire on ice",

The tone is so poetic, so elegant,

As you say, so subtle,

that I think there would be a relationship between the characters

If I had taken a step further.

And I think it is something that readers also value.

It is not a matter of modesty. It is the genre in which we move.

It costs me much more to write them scenes of violence.

It costs me.It costs me a lot of writing to the bad.

It costs me a lot. You talk about "emotional trilogy."

Does it mean that with this third novel yours

A literary cycle is closed and another will start, or not?

I think so. It is the palapito that I have.

Y me muevo mucho por pálpitos. Yes.

In the first novel, "palm trees in the snow",

He talked about identity.

I am who I am for the generation immediately before me.

And the focus was in Africa,

Not in the Benasque Valley, although it was the origin.

"I return to your skin" I ask me a romantic rebellion

against death, and the desire that it is not the end

and that there is something beyond.

And in the case of "as fire on the ice",

I lacked the mountain.

Mountain symbol against civilization

and mountain as contact with the divine.

-Hey, I'm going to take you to a place where other children like you live,

Without dad and without mom.

-I present your new partner, Icaro.

-He gives him the zucchini.

-More a potato with that head.-Enough, Simon.

We haven't had an animation movie for a long time

en la sección.Yes.

We have a very particular work, which is "the life of zucchini",

One of the most awarded animation films

and applauded at festivals.

It is a film directed by Claude Bars.

It is his first feature film.

He is a filmmaker who had made many short animation.

And is inspired by a novel that was titled before

"The autobiography of a zucchini", but they have returned to challenge

with the title of the movie. It must pass.

Your mom is gone. It is in heaven.

-Eh, leave that!

-Well, it is the story of a child who, after tragic death

of his mother, an alcoholic woman, must enter an orphanage,

where he meets a group of children

They have gone through traumatic situations like yours.

He, in the relationship with these children are the staff of the center,

will find as a possibility, an open door to the possibility

to be happy again. Was it a faithful adaptation?

It is a fairly faithful adaptation. There are some differences,

especially voice and tone.

Of voice because the novel is counted in the first person and the movie is not,

And in tone because I believe that both the director and the screenwriter,

which is called céline sciamma, which is also director,

They wanted to reduce the hardness of the book.

I think you liked it. Yes, I liked it a lot.

I really like it, apart from that it is visually a pass,

He has charismatic characters. It has a lot of grace.

It is a film that has the ability to be exciting

And fun, but, at the same time, it does not sacrifice the hardness,

Not the camouflage.It is interesting to find that combination.

A curious thing happens to me with animation movies ...


You told me "The life of Calabacin"

It was a story of initiation.

We can almost say that it is a subgenre.

Yes, there are many films that revolve around how a character

Very young suddenly there is very hard situations,

or discover the world of adults.

I selected the ones that had marked me,

And one of them "the night of the hunter",

which was the adaptation of Davis Grubb's novel,

And that revolved around how these orphaned children

They fell into the preacher's hands. With Robert Mitchum.

And discovered the evil pure state.

Another emblematic film on this line

It would be "to kill a nightingale." A Harper Lee adaptation,

which also won the Pulitzer.exact.

And it is also interesting because at the end of the protagonist's girl

What he does is discover a very early age

The deep racism,

The intransigence of the small community where it lives.

It's great Gregory Peck. It is incredible.


What recommendation do you bring me today?

Today I bring you "my life in red kubrick",

That is Simon Roy's first book, who is a literature professor.

I think he is one of many people who, throughout his life

They have felt deeply

and interested in Stanley Kubrick's filmography.

In his case, I believe that the cover is quite clear

why specifically film.

I think the most interesting of all that is establishing parallels

Among his own personal experience and everything that has to do

With the mysteries of the film and with all the mythology

around it.


For this Benasque/Albort bridge

They usually cross the characters of Luz Gabás.

A story set in the nineteenth century,

as is also our first -year -old today's."Lineage".

Here the protagonists are originally blacksmiths.

Through the pages and years we will see how the descendants

They suffer hard times of war, emigration and death.

It is a very moving novel.

This church of Benasqueo de Albort,

It is a recurring place in Luz Gabás novel

And this is where I want to recommend a very special book.

These are the prose -gathered prose of the Nobel Prize for Literature

Wislawa Szymborska, and that is that Malpaso has gathered a series of essays

where he reflects on cinema, literature, history and anthropology.

Almost nothing.


It could be one of the characters that they went up

Even albort thermal baths.

After all, in his autobiographical book,

He tells us about his experiences in the Forests of the Apalaches

where he takes refuge to heal a pneumonia.

This is one of the most applauded essays of the twentieth century,

Pulitzer included.

A true song to nature.


"The odd vajilla family."

It is a great book.

point with which the dishes of a family are played.

changes over the years.

It is one of those books of search and finds.

In addition, he has won the International Prize to the Enlightened Album.

It is very good.

-Well, I'm reading with the same J. K. Rowling.

It is the original script of the filmsobre the explorer

and Magizoologo Newt Scamander, who when arriving in New York

He loses his suitcase and some fantastic animals escape.

You will freak out.


Cristela dreams of being a writer.

You get to literature a little afternoon, let's say,

For what sometimes happens, but come on.

But, however, was your dream to be a writer

Or did that suddenly appear?

I really liked writing.

A concrete dream of living of writing

I didn't have it exactly like that in my mind or in my heart.

I liked writing.

If I also managed to narrate a complete history,

as I did with "palm trees in the snow",

For me it was a personal challenge overcome.

I think, as I didn't know what was a writer,

He associates it with the image of the person who is locked at home

surrounded by books, which I love.

Writing, taking notes, that for me is the concept of a writer.

I can do this now, therefore, I feel privileged.

And when one with his first novel, as was in your case

With "palm trees in the snow", sweeps,

Doesn't that become a pressure for the following?

I think it is important that this happened to me at the age that happened to me,

Because I think you know what life is going.

You know the system and you are surprised by few things.

I have a lot of peace of mind.

Moreover, sometimes even now I have the feeling

that this is happening to another person.

And you have never been tempted to write

"Palmeras in snow 2 part"?

I say not for you, but because sometimes the pressure of the readers

It is usually very overwhelming.

They have asked for it.

But, as I'm working now,

I like to finish a novel and close it.

I have already worked this topic, I have studied

And I have reflected on him.

There is so much to read, to learn, both about to reflect,

that every time I look for a different issue, even if there is a common link,

As I say in this emotional trilogy.

But "return to your skin" have nothing to do.

It was another documentation and another matter.

The execution of so many women accused of witchcraft

At the end of the 16th century.

In the case of "as fire on the ice", the same.

I have learned a lot of something I didn't know.

Now I'm going to look for other ways.

I don't know if literary labels bother you.

I say it because this is a country given to them.

Romantic literature, Best-Sellers, literature for women.

How do you see all this?

I think of all labels,

The only one that really bothers me is that of literature for women.

All others can even be practical.

When buying the book you know he is a policeman.

"Hey, thanks for telling me."

Even if it is not 100 % police.

In the case of novel for women, yes.

First, because I have men and women readers

And second, because I don't choose a novel

Because the author is a man or woman.

I think it is a brushstroke of your personality.

It can be male, woman, transsexual or whatever you want.

Readers presuppose a sensitivity.

They are going to read that genre and history that you want to read.

But I think it is a mistake to decide because you are a man or woman.

There are women writing all genres

And men writing too.

There are even men writing romantic.

It's ridiculous.I think a day will come that we will not talk about this.


The cold, snow, hunger, war

and even the most rancid conventions

succumb to the thrust of that

that more literary stories have generated.Love.

If basically, in "page two",

We are romantic.


"Living there would allow him to feel Attua.

He would look at the mountains and his heart would know that he

I was very close. On the other side.

Every morning would greet him

And wondered what he was doing.

I had heard someone say hope

It was even more dangerous that despair

Because he insisted on continuing as attainable

What was desired.

While anger, anger or spite

They ended up dying over time.

But she was willing to hide her inextinguishable calls of her love

At ATUA under ice layer.

The exemplary would follow some mountains.

It would become one of them.

Would solidify on the outside

and would keep the liquid fire of intact passion inside it. "

(Music credits)

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The truth about the sabolla case, Eduardo Mendoza

We ended with Eduardo Mendoza's first novel, a milestone in the Spanish narrative, appeared in 1975 and taken to the cinema in 1979. It was the first of many other adaptations of his books, but with which Mendoza has never been very satisfied.The Barcelona writer has always assured that a novel of his has never been turned into a magnifies movie.Even so, he has not stopped giving rights so that his words come to life on the big screen, and even, in the little girl.It was recently known that the Netflix platform also prepares the adaptation of Eduardo Mendoza's novel The city of prodigies, considered one of the most important in the 20th century of Spanish literature.

29.45 minPágina 2 - Eduardo Mendoza 08/11/2009

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