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By: payless


Today we will see the different types of paddle shoes soles, and thus know the differences between one and the other to choose the most appropriate footwear to our needs.

If we look among the different options of paddle shoes that we have to buy we will start looking at their aesthetics, and it is true, our footwear has to like it, but above all it must cover our needs when moving in thepaddle track.


Types of soles

One of the most important factors to take into account in sports to play paddle for.

Today, the manufacturers of the best paddle shoes as well as the different brands referring in this sector such as Asiscs, Head, Bullpadel etc.They mainly use three types of sole:

What is the best sole?

This is one of the most common doubts in paddle players.To answer it, first of all you have to know what type of soles exist:

What is the best sole for paddle shoes?

SUELAS zapatillas de pádel [Clay, Espiga, Omni, Mixta]

Well, the reality is that it will depend on your needs.However, the truth is that the most used sole on paddle for spike or sole clay.

We will begin to define the characteristics of this type of sole, but you must learn above all to make the best decision, because for example, more and more players are using the type of mixed sole.

"Learn everything about the types of soles in paddlers with this article."

≫ Sole in Espiga or Clay

It is the one that has always been used in tennis, but right now they are the most being used in paddle.

The spike sole is right now the most favorite of the players since they look for some shoes with a sole that gives them a sense of security in all the displacements.

It adapts perfectly to any surface being "SUV".

Stands out in 3 main aspects:

You can find here many paddle shoes with sole in spike.

Zapatillas Baratas con SUELA EN ESPIGA

Catalog of cheap shoes with sole in spike:

⚫ Omni or Puntitos sole

It is the most classic sole in paddle tennis and the most specific, it is also usually called as the sole of points.

Here you can see the entire collection of sneakers with omni sole.

≫⚫ Mixed Sole in Padel

The last one of the soles, the mixed sole and less known by the public, but the one that can give a ball since it is a novel sole and with guarantees (every year more shoes of this type are manufactured and sold).

The omni sole is usually used in the front and inside to have a better grip when we start.The rest of the sole is in spike to favor the durability of footwear and allow certain landslides.However, this will vary according to the brand and its studies in terms of performance.

If you think this is the best choice for your type of game, look here all the shoes with a mixed sole that exist in the market.

Zapatillas Baratas con SUELA MIXTA

Catalog of cheap sneakers with mixed sole:

What kind of sole choose?

How does the sole of the paddle shoes have to be?As we have already said it will depend on your needs, for example ...

If you are a player who always plays on the track of the urbanization of your house, which is cement, in no case would I advise you to use the Omni sole of Puntitos, since they would wear out in the first game.

Broadly speaking, I give you my opinion.

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