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15 effective and simple tricks to eliminate the bad smell of shoes

By: payless

15 effective and simple tricks to eliminate the bad smell of shoes

Nobody likes to discover that shoes, shoes or heels smell bad, especially if there are more people nearby!The good news is that eliminating these smells is easier than you think: you just have to resort to some of these useful tips.

1.Let them dry in the sunUnsplash

Clean a little shower shoes, leave them and let them out, where the sun gives them, for a couple of hours.The solar rays will eliminate any bacteria glimpse and end the bad smell during the process.

two.Put them in the freezerGettyimages

Extreme temperatures end the bacteria that create this bad smell in your footwear.But, before entering it in the freezer, put it in a plastic bag so that food is not contaminated.Let it rest there a whole night.

3.Dry sweat with newspaperReuters/Lucas Jackson

Even if you have not exercised, your feet sweat.This sweat is impregnated inside the shoes and that is why they begin to detach that shameful aroma.To prevent it from happening, put newspaper inside your footwear after using it to absorb this sweat.

4.Use cotton piecesUnsplash

Take some cotton pieces and ÉCHALES A few droplets of lemon oil or other citrus.Put them inside the footwear and leave them there for a whole night to distribute their good aroma.Essential oils are also worth.

5.Resorts to citrus cortexPexels

fifteen trucos efectivos y sencillos para eliminar el mal olor de los zapatos

This is a step that is recommended to make as the end of other tricks of this list.Now that you have already eliminated the bad smell, put lemon bark or other citrus fruits in the shoes to add a nice aroma pinch.

6.Give creative use to your tea bagsGetty

Do you like black tea and have some bags left over?These contain a substance called Tanino that is going very well to eliminate bacteria.Boil a bag in water for a few minutes.Put it to cool about 5 minutes and then leave it inside the shoe for an hour.

7.Take advantage of bicarbonateGeo-grafika

Getty images

One of the main functions of bicarbonate is to absorb bad odors.If what smells bad is the place where you usually keep the shoes, a good method is to clean the shoemaker and sprinkle bicarbonate on its surface.Wait for about 30 minutes, remove bicarbonate with a damp cloth and put the shoes again.If these are the ones that give off smell, put a bag with bicarbonate inside and let it stand there all night.

8.Clean the shoemaker with water and white vinegar Pat_Hastings

Getty images

Another method to eliminate the unpleasant smell of the shoemaker is to clean it with a water and white vinegar solution.Take the footwear before, wash thoroughly with a cloth and leave the shoemaker open so that he ventilated for an hour.

9.Talc powders ThitareeSarmkasat

Getty images

This trick does not eliminate bad smell, but prevents it: before wearing the shoes, it throws a pinch of talc dusts so that they absorb sweat.

10.Use that soap you have forgotten in the bathroomPixabay

As with other methods, leave a piece of soap resting inside your shoes during the night.The soap, being porous, absorbs bad odors and leaves a new aroma.

eleven.Use salt for sports shoesGetty

If you just used sports shoes and you have not used socks, the sweat of the exercise will end up flowing into bad smell.For this type of footwear, the most effective and rapid remedy is to throw a little salt.This will absorb moisture and prevent unwanted aromas from developing.

1two.Clean the shoes with softening sheetsGettyimages

Without leaving the underworld of sports, if these already give off bad smell, the previous advice may not work.For this type of footwear, you need another type of tactics.For example, put a couple of capable of softening leaves inside.Do the same in the shoemaker or where you keep the shoes to finish eradicating the bad aroma.

13.Use deodorant spray

It is the best option if you do not have time to apply the rest of the tricks or lack of the necessary materials.

14.Change the solesGetty images

If you have taken too much to remedy, you may have no choice but to buy new soles.

fifteen.Wash your feetGetty images

If you have applied all the tips above and the smell reappears, the problem may be poor hygiene in your feet.Use a pumice stone to exfoliate your feet;This process eliminates dead skin and bacteria.To finish off, soak them in warm water.

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