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Why your cat licks you and then bites you: this is what it means

Why your cat licks you and then bites you: this is what it means

Si tienes uno o varios gatos de seguro habrás pasado por esta situación: tu gato está lamiéndote tranquilamente y repentinamente te muerde. ¿Qué ha pasado con tu mascota? Será que no le gustaron los mimos que le estabas dando.Why do this unique behavior carry out? What should we do?Or is it angry with us? They are some of the questions that we will try to explain below.

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Surprisingly, the reason is not always associated with aggressiveness or a problem with behavior or behavior.There are different reasons why your cat can be licking you and then bite you suddenly.We explain the main ones:

one.Want to play

If since your cat was a puppy you have allowed you to nibble your hands with your pointed teeth, he will interpret that he can continue doing it when this adult.Avoiding this behavior from your early age is essential to correct this habit. Lo ideal es que incorpores juguetes en sus rutinas de juego, porque de esta manera estimularás su instinto cazador sin poner en peligro tu mano.

2.He doesn't want more affection

Observing and understanding your cat can help you determine what kind of affection he likes most, at what time of the day and how often these pamper. Si lo estás acariciando y detectas que se muestra inquieto o irascible, es mejor que no continúes tocándolo y lo ignores.Surely, at least you imagine it, you will look for you to receive more pampering and caresses.So are the felines.

3.He loves you too much

Even if you are incredible, your cat can bite your hand or other part of the body as a sample of the great appreciation you have.Just as you read it. En este caso fija los dientes suavemente sobre tu piel, evitando hacerte daño.Now, if by circumstances, when he was a puppy, he has not been able to develop this behavior with his litter, it is very feasible that he has no control over the bite and ends up hurting you.

4.He is afraid

Cats are very likely to suffer from stress due to no numbers of situations that do not control.The changes in their routine or at home, or the presence of other felines in their territory, increases their fear and conditions them to attack or bite.

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Be that as it may, if your cat bites you, avoids away your hand sharply.Try to distract him with a toy and turn away but without rejecting it. Ten muy en cuenta estos aspectos, y si estás expuesto a alguna de estas situaciones contacta a un veterinario.He will facilitate guidelines to avoid this behavior.

How to know if your dog or cat is sick

Las mascotas también se enferman.And, although we live with them, it is not always easy to detect that they are sick or suffer from some discomfort, and some minor pathologies can end up aggravating if the initial symptoms go unnoticed. Es por eso que aquí te contaremos algunos algunos trucos para saber detectar si tu perro o gato está enfermo.

However, animal behavior experts ensure that pet observation and certain knowledge allow quickly detecting if a dog or cat suffers a disease. Un comportamiento anómalo del animal, como la apatía, que haga sus necesidades en casa (perros) o fuera del arenero (gatos), pueden advertirnos que nuestro animal doméstico sufre una patología.

Por qué tu gato te lame y después te muerde: esto es lo que quiere decirte

Discouragement and disinterest

One of the first symptoms to consider is whether the cat or dog reduces, overnight, its level of activity or eats less. La apatía, la falta de interés y las pocas ganas de jugar o interaccionar con las personas pueden ser una primera señal de alerta.

Not all cats and dogs show in the same way that they are wrong or suffer from pain.But what should we look and keep in mind to know if our dog or cat is sick?:

Body temperature

Gatos y perros tienen una temperatura corporal distinta a la de los humanos.Your body temperature usually ranges between 38 and 39 degrees.If the animal can be placed, which is not easy, and a temperature appears above 39, go to the veterinarian immediately.

Observe the eyes

It is a good indicator of your health status. Hay secreciones lacrimales, no obstante, que son normales, siempre que no sean de color verde o amarillo.There are more predisposed breeds to tear secretions, such as Yorkshire or Maltés dogs.

Hay animales que parpadean muy a menudo o que no pueden abrir un ojo, lo que denota molestias o dolor.In case of observing these symptoms, it is recommended to go to the veterinarian.

Digestive problems

In cats it is not uncommon for the animal to vomit promptly. Otra cosa bien distinta es si el gato vomita cuando ingiere comida o incluso tan solo bebiendo agua.If this happens, you have to go to the veterinarian.

Hay animales que sufren diarrea ocasionalmente cuando se les cambia el pienso o su comida habitual, o que presentan heces muy blandas.Nor do we have to worry.If the dog or cat in addition to vomiting or having diarrhea is apathetic and tired, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.


Si el gato o el perro bebe constantemente agua y orina repetidamente, con mucha más frecuencia de la habitual, hay que ponerse en alerta y llevar al animal al veterinario.It is not easy to detect, especially in summer, when animals drink more water.

Cuando vemos que un perro intenta hacer pipí y no puede o expulsa muy poca cantidad de orina, es un síntoma habitual de una patología o alteración, como la infección urinaria (cistitis) o los cálculos renales. En los gatos es especialmente importante, porque son animales que pasan mucho tiempo en el arenero cuando no pueden orinar, entrando y saliendo constantemente.

Other aspects to take into account

Si a pesar de todos estos consejos surgen y persisten los problemas con tu perro o gato es recomendable acudir al veterinario y solicitar ayuda profesional de un experto en animales.

Why don't your cat use the sandbox?

Cats have the reputation of being cleaner and more independent than dogs.But not everything is ideal in the world of felines because, as with all pets, they present behavioral problems that must be corrected.One of them and the most recurring in veterinary clinics is to stop using the sandbox and do their needs outside the same.

"The cat is an extremely intelligent animal. Cuando el felino no usa el arenero es porque está mostrando su fastidio por algo.If he is stressed and wants to prove it to you, the cat knows perfectly what to do so that you know he is upset.The cat will always demonstrate what he feels. Cuando te lo demuestra es de diferentes maneras, una de ellas es hacer sus necesidades en un lugar que no debería”, explica Rodrigo Rondón Herz a Mag, miembro de la directiva del Colegio Médico Veterinario del Perú.

Reasons why the cat stop using the sand

It is important to understand that this behavior is telling us that our cat is not right and is trying to say something.We must not take it as a revenge to us or think that it makes it on or to annoy us. “Hay que analizar cada caso para saber qué está ocurriendo”, explica el también director de la carrera de Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.

In any case, it is important to know that behind this behavior there is always a pathology or a behavior problem, so it is advisable to let the veterinarian know so that he can advise. Hay que tener en cuenta también si la arena es la correcta o está lo suficientemente limpia (hay gatos un poco exigentes con esto) o si la bandeja es lo suficientemente grande para nuestro minino.

Si no tenemos clara la causa por la que nuestro gato deja de usar su arenero o hace sus necesidades fuera del mismo, Rondón Herz recomienda ponerse en contacto con un veterinario de manera inmediata.

Why my dog sneezes

It has surely happened to you that everything is silence at home when suddenly sneezing is heard and the one next to you is your pet. Al igual que en los humanos, esto tiene muchas causas y, por lo general, no suele ser una situación grave en los perros.

The sneezing is due to the inhalation of foreign bodies or the presence of an irritating substance in its nose or throat and that seeks to expel.In this note we detail the causes for which a dog can suffer from sneezing and when to know if it is an alarm signal.

A cold

Dogs also go through this picture such as humans and the irritation of the upper respiratory tract make them present coughing or mucous secretions.This condition will pass in a few days and if not, it is better to take it to the veterinarian.


If your dog sneezes when he eats or is close to pollen, dust, flowers, mold, grass, tobacco smoke or household clean.

Respiratory diseases

A virus can be the cause of your dog having sneezing constants.To know that this process is suffering attention to other symptoms such as swollen eyes or lymphatic glands.

Esto es el indicador de que tu mascota puede estar padeciendo de asma, bronquitis, neumonía, faringitis, moquillo, entre otros males, por lo que si estornuda mucho y se ahoga, debe recibir tratamiento cuanto antes.

Nose mites

Mites not only affect people, but also dogs because they can stay in their nose and cause them a lot of itch, which leads to sneezing.

These can enter while excavating on earth with their face or if you get a lot to another dogs that are invaded by them.

Oral infections

Another of the most serious causes is that your ‘four -legged son’ is suffering a dental infection that causes a respiratory and constant infection.A bad smell in the mouth, inflammation in their gums or pus bags are alert signs.


An intranasal tumor causes your dog to sneak a lot and when he grows up, it will be more constant.If you expel any blood through the nose, you have to take it to the veterinarian for a correct diagnosis.

An sneezing that is not sneezing

Sometimes your dog can be snorting for an excess of kilos that causes you to breathe. También se puede tratar de un estornudo inverso que les produce como un sonido de ronquidos y ahogamiento.This is also a passenger and as soon as they are calm and we can help them massaging the trachea to relax it.It is more common in dogs of small breeds and brachiocephalic races.

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