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They make those of the PGR |

+ Make those from the PGR

+ Warn against Urbi

+ Call to support "La Metro"

+ Some artists open up

By Martín Romo (the executioner)

They flee as cowards before the narcoviolence ... where they closed week as they started, that is, in the midst of narcoviolence, it is by rumbos of nogales or "drugs", yesterday finding a dismembered body inside three heyras, and also with anarcomsessage, which confirms the war that today is among the mafias that move on that border.Of that hair.

Almost for nothing those who just fleeing as cowards are the federals commissioned in that border square, after the headquarters of the PGR were evacuated, after a threat received in the police base of the C-4, soThe same "harmful" are making them land in between, which can wait for the citizens who are in the middle of that crossfire.

Hence, Mayor Nogalense José Ángel Hernández is already asking for all kinds of support to deal with that permanent violent escalation that has made crisis in recent days, with armed incidents and “accounts of accounts”, hence it is demanding a castMore equitable in the budget for security, based on the fact that it is the most conflictive and insecure town of the State as already recognized.

And yes he speaks just because he is right, because not in any city they leave a mutilated in the middle of a central street as he has just happened, in a more fact that comes to put more the hairs on tip to the Nogalenses, thanYes they are apanicados, for being seeing everything, and more what is still to come.

That is why "El Changel" Hernández complains that Hermosillo is assigned more wool in proportion of 8 to 1 for that item, around $ 80 million pesos;While they are assigned $ 11 million annually, hence the only defensive against the onslaught of the drug cartels.

As for that same theme of the gangstered, which yesterday arrested for playing in a narco-posada of the Beltrán Leyva is the singer Ramón Ayala and his group Los Bravos del Norte, after the army fell when they were in the merePachanga in Tepoztlán, Morelos, unleashing a shooting with a balance of three dead and twenty detainees, including also the so -called "king of the chord."

That is why Ramón now has it singing, but before the SIEDO, although as always happens in those "foolish" cases, now he does not know who had hired him so that his narco-corridos was thrown, with everything and thatThe burst took place in a residence of the mentioned state, as if any chango had to pay him he charges him for going to act.


Hacen huir a los de la PGR |

They “throw water $”… as notice there is no deception, to those who make a warning is all those who want to take advantage of their bonuses to buy a house to put “divers” and they will not flood $ E with aUrbi homes, for having affirmed that they are reputed to flood, and that they ask those of Montecarlo, who for years have suffered from floods.

As stated in a wide special report published by the past “San Monday” in newspaper Informative, where the impunity with which some construction companies offer “cat for hare” to their clients are exhibited, when lowering the sky and the stars, the stars,For the time of the time to go out that "Chuchita" was bolse, or with which they cannot solve such problems.

Whenever, knowing that they offer futuristic construction projects, in Contubernio with the municipal "authorities" in turn, as at the time it was with the former director of Urban "underdevelopment", Juventino Quintana, and then "strangely" manager of that company, they have yet allowed them, and there are the floods consequences.

So before those history crossed out of fraudulent, they already know what they throw, who enter into deals with the crosses of Urbi's winners, for noting not to comply with what they promise, and what is “pior”, as isThe one that neither on the march solves the problems in which they put the clientele, among which are the hundreds of affected of Montecarlo that have passed those of Cain.

They must know that nevertheless and that abuse, they still refuse to give explanations or interviews, hence the response they gave out online, but they do not offer their subdivisions, because then they have not where to put the potential buyers.Thus the closure and round real estate business, even at the expense of its devalued image.

And who can not let it lie in that is a Alejandro Cruz, who serves in the marketing area of Urbi, who only defended that company in writing, apparently for not having a complete voice to give the face or talk aboutfront.How do you see it?


Do your good work ... and at this time of giving and sharing, from yesterday and until tomorrow Sunday there will be a noble cause for which to cooperate, such as the "radio" -Kermés annual that the Metropolitan Church performs in the square located frontTO THE SCHOOL “J.Cruz Gálvez ”, in order to raise resources for the promotion of the biblical word through Radio Manantial in the 1170 of AM.

On this occasion, this crusade could not have had a better beginning, as is with a musical concert that yesterday offered one of the best voices of Christian music, Cuban Ricardo Rodríguez, which took place at the headquarters of "La Metro",Located at the exit to the road to Nogales, where there is an industrial miniparque, so there have been several ways to support that effort.

So the invitation is open to collaborate with an activity that is already a tradition, in order to support the dissemination of the Gospel through Hertzian waves, which has been promoting pastor Rafael Jiménez for years, and with suchPenetration and blessing that today Radio Manantial is one of the largest audience among the audience to which it is directed, as well as the open.

That is, it is a great opportunity to make his good work of the weekend, simply consuming in the different stands that will be placed in the aforementioned Plazuela, in which they anticipate that all their cravings will please him, for the good seasoning of the dishesThat they will be sold, in addition to the fact that there will also be a bazaar, games and musical groups to make that event an entire party.


They open from cape ... say that a madman told him, but they filter that the "PRI" who have only had on the waiting list for an audience with the new tenants of the state government is Luis Armando López Frías, forGreater signs of the former "rule" Armando López Nogales, among some other tricolor who wanted to establish contact with the incoming authorities.

Of that level they handle that the bar of the PRI people who are trying is not known whether to enter or reinforce a relationship with the PAN administration that today holds state power.How are you!


They expose and leave!under pressure, because Mrs. Jane Brewer said she has a lot of urgency for returning to Phoenix, so that almost became an exposure and leave!Of that flight.

It seems that the blonde of the Brewer had left the pot of the beans on, or maybe he brought a headache dueTurbo that put the different work tables, finally there were some good conclusions worth commenting.

Such as those related to civil protection of border cities;or the pact to exchange information regarding evading causes;Figure as the Joyade all these agreements a master plan to follow up all the projects that seek to improve the crossbards between the two states, starting with the suffer customs of Lukeville and Sonoyta.

The one that was extra "Vary Nice" is the gala dinner, where the hosts headed by Governor Guillermo Padrés and the Vice President of the Commission Joaquín Cabrera Ochoa, presumed from the surprising facilities of Musas, an evening in which Don Rafael appearedCaballero, the founder of San Carlos Nuevo;and Adolfo Félix, both pioneers of those activities.

On the other hand, for the first time, in many years the demands for the concurrence were very strict, since only those who should be, hence the one who by little and they take it out of the curls of the House of Culture is the nickname JohnLennon del Rubén Duarte, once as if he were distributing flyers from his Santa Fe neighborhood, began to distribute some hojitas, making his paper on the left.

It is already worth noting that Padrés Elías imposed as a central theme for the works that the Commission will have to carry out in the next six years, a strategy called Plan One, which in turn will have as a governing axes everything that smells to security, Competitiveness, quality of life and sustainability.


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