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I have the best job, bringing to light what is happening, says Lourdes Mendoza after learning that Lozoya went to jail

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I have the best job, bringing to light what is happening, says Lourdes Mendoza after learning that Lozoya went to jail

Lourdes Mendoza, a journalist who revealed on October 9 the images of the former director of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya Austin, dining in a luxury restaurant while he was subject to criminal proceedings, celebrated that after 15 months a judge has determined justified preventive detention in the North Prison to Lozoya.

This Wednesday, a judge determined in a hearing that the former director of Pemex must remain in justified preventive detention, in the North Reclusorio and revoked the precautionary measure of parole.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the columnist expressed that today is undoubtedly a very good day for Mexico, where justice was done” and considered in this regard that having “a corrupt politician in a trial is the best contribution that the 4T has towards its anti-corruption theme banner.”

Emilio Lozoya stays in jail; Judge dictates justified pre-trial detention

When questioned about the importance of the photos that she revealed of the former director of Pemex in the case of Lozoya and Odebretch, Mendoza expressed that the same prosecution was very punctual today when saying that those photos were the ones that showed that Lozoya could be escape".

Given this, he considered that after 15 months of not appearing at hearings and enjoying the criterion of opportunity, which gave him the benefit of parole as he was a collaborating witness of the Attorney General's Office in the Odebretch case, "I do not want say whether the Prosecutor's Office was late or not, today the 126 million Mexicans had justice by seeing this confessed criminal in jail.

When asked about how she feels about her role as a journalist in this case and how she personally feels about it, since Lourdes Mendoza is in the process of claiming moral damages against Lozoya Austin, who stated that she bought the journalist a Chanel bag at Masaryk in Polanco , between 2013 and 2014 with suitcases of money from Odebrecht, said he had the best job in the world.

Defense of Emilio Lozoya will file an appeal to seek his freedom

“As journalists we have the best of jobs, which gives us the chance to investigate, to bring to light what is happening and I do not bring the Lozoya issue from this six-year term. I've been bringing it since Peña Nieto's six-year term," the journalist said.

And she added that she brought to light the dead behind Pemex's closet, the dead behind Lozoya's closet, the same ones that, Mendoza says, Lozoya invented to achieve the criterion of opportunity and when he was extradited to Mexico to access government benefits to exchange for being a collaborating witness, for which he was classified as a confessed criminal.

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Tengo el mejor de los trabajos, sacar a la luz lo que sucede, dice Lourdes Mendoza tras saber que Lozoya pisó la cárcel

“Until today, what you do have is that he is a confessed criminal who sought the criterion of opportunity, who sought to embarrass the people from above, but to this day after a year and heck he could not prove a single one of his words," he said.

Thus, the journalist assured that Emilio Lozoya "simply sought that benefit, not caring about accusing whoever accused something that Rosario Robles has never done" and he only accepted being a confessed criminal, that is, "having committed a crime and accepting it so that you can have that benefit” of facing prosecution for the theft and diverted 10.5 million dollars in bribes from the Brazilian oil company Odebretch.

While questioning the journalist about whether the hearing of Emilio Lozoya sets a precedent to end impunity, Lourdes Mendoza assured that without a doubt and highlighted the role of the federal government, since she considered that "what the 4T did is to lead a first political corruption case on trial. And with the new accusatory penal system, we will all be able to see what happened today, ask, or see how the judge or the Public Ministry asks Lozoya, what happened to the money? How do I arrive? Where did he get?

In the same way, he expressed that the application of justice to Emilio Lozoya "does not mean that justice is in any way revenge in this case because if you do not plead guilty, and you are not a confessed criminal, you cannot access the criteria of chance, and if you couldn't prove it, well here are the consequences”.

In addition, he pointed out that Lozoya in his initial hearing accepted that he kept the money from the bribes of the Brazilian oil company and asserted that Santiago Nieto, in charge of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) knows it "and says yes, there the money is to his accounts, but there is also another point, (Lozoya) does not receive 10.5 million, he receives 9.5 million, where is that lost million? Well, where do you think the Brazilian Attorney General seizes them and that is also in affidavits in Brazil.

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Why does Lourdes Mendoza have conflicts with Emilio Lozoya?

On October 9, the photos of Lozoya eating comfortably at the Hunan restaurant, in Lomas de Chapultepec, resonated strongly on social networks, in what was his first public appearance.

These photographs were captured by the journalist Lourdes Mendoza, who has long been facing legal proceedings against the former director of Pemex, as she sued him for moral damages, for pointing out that she received "chayote" from him and assuring that he bought from him. the journalist "a Chanel bag in Masaryk in Polanco, between 2013 and 2014 with suitcases of money from Odebrecht.

In a radio interview with Carlos Loret de Mola, Mendoza recounted how she captured the images of Lozoya chatting in a luxurious restaurant; this after being informed that Lozoya was having dinner at the Hunan and company of more people, before which the columnist went to corroborate and confront Lozoya, which was shocking for her.

In the interview, Lourdes Mendoza said that after the meeting with Lozoya, she sat on the steps of the Hunan "because I was facing my executioner or had just seen my executioner in the big one" in one of the best restaurants "removed from the grief".

From Hunan to North Prison; these are the new 'neighbors' of Emilio Lozoya

“Here is Lourdes Mendoza against Emilio Lozoya for being a liar because you caused me moral damage (…) He says that he bought me a Chanel bag at Masaryk in Polanco, between 2013 and 2014 with the suitcases of money from Odebrecht. And what do you think? Odebrecht clearly told the United States Department of Justice that he did not send him suitcases of money, he sent him transfers (...) the second lie is that Chanel closed in 2011 in Polanco, so there was no store where you could go buy it, "he said. the journalist

“He is the confessed criminal, he is the one who is trying to find the opportunity criteria to get out of jail. The one who has spent a year and two months without presenting reliable evidence is him, ”she added and referred that in his demand, Lozoya had to have presented himself on September 10.

FGR requests preventive detention for Emlio Lozoya

Considering a high risk of flight, economic resources, family network and the high penalty he could face if convicted, a federal judge ordered Emilio Lozoya, former director of Pemex, to remain subject to justified preventive detention in the North Prison.

The request was presented by the FGR at the last minute and during the procedure the prosecutors affirmed that they request to subject Lozoya to preventive detention because there is new information that at least he has access to two million dollars since in all this time he has not expressed intentions to repair the damage caused in the Odebrecht case, which is estimated at at least seven million dollars.

Another of the arguments made by the FGR was the dinner in which Lozoya was exhibited on social networks in a luxurious restaurant in Lomas de Chapultepec, which would show that he has resources and access to a network of contacts that can help him evade justice. .

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Given this, the control judge José Artemio Zúñiga granted the change of precautionary measure requested by the Attorney General's Office (FGR), who was ordered to guarantee Lozoya's safety within the Prison.

This, because Jorge Luis Lavalle Maury, one of the former officials denounced by Lozoya, is subject to justified preventive detention within the North Prison, for which the judge asked the Prosecutor's Office to ensure that they remain separated.

Emilio Lozoya goes from the Hunan restaurant to the North Prison

Emilio Lozoya, will arrive at the North Reclusorio of Mexico City where other politicians or famous people are also found.

One of them is the former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, who is imprisoned there for the crime of criminal association.

"I didn't run away," says Lozoya; he denies differential treatment towards his family

There is also the lawyer Juan Collado, for the crime of money laundering.

The North Prison has, according to figures from September 24, a population of 7,350 inmates when its capacity is 6,092, so there is an overpopulation of 26.65%, according to the page of the Undersecretary of the Capital Penitentiary System.

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