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These are the finalists of the Ecommerce Awards Spain

The Organization of Ecommerce Awards 2021, Electronic Commerce Reference Awards in Spain delivered to companies in the Ecommerce sector in recognition of their contribution in innovation, development and impulse of the digital economy, have announced to the finalists who choose to become thebest Spanish companies dedicated to digital trade in 2021.

Between July 1 and September 20, more than 120 ecommerces presented their candidacy in the 10 categories available. Todos los formularios recibidos en tiempo y forma fueron valorados por los 28 miembros que conforman el jurado, entre los que se encuentran profesionales de reconocido prestigio en el sector como Reyes Justribó, Directora General de IAB Spain; Llorenç Palomas, Head of Marketing & Growth at Doofinder; Mónica González Ortín, country manager Axicom y Jorge González, Country Manager de Prestashop.

After the assessment of the jury, the organization of the Ecommerce Awards Spain has announced the 3 finalists for each of the categories.These provide a global vision of electronic commerce, with businesses of multiple vertical, strategies and sizes.Among the most represented sectors include pets, pharmacy, sports and fashion.

A millionaire billing

The total turnover of all the projects that have been presented exceeds 3 billion euros, with an average annual turnover that exceeds 28 million in 2020 and 5 online stores that exceed 10 million.

The average annual traffic of all the registered exceeds 14.6 million users and has an average basket that is located in the € 167.58.

Estos son los finalistas de los Ecommerce Awards España

All companies that opt for awards are optimistic for the closing forecast by 2021.On average, the finalists foresee a 24.6% turnover growth compared to the previous year.

The finalists

The candidates dedicated to electronic commerce that have been selected as finalists and who choose to rise with the recognition of the best ecommerce in Spain by 2021, are:

In the category to "Best Marketing Campaign", which rewards the best campaigns:

● Blue Banana Brand

● Freshly Cosmetics

● Platanomelón

In "Best Omnicanal Strategy", for companies that have best managed to combine their presence in different channels maximizing their business:

● Rqueralto Group

● Miscota

● Toysrus

For the "best transactional app", which recognizes the best success and indispensable app for the purchases of its users (iOS, Android, or both)

● Aliexpress

● Emotion football

● Toogoodtogo

In the category to the "best internationalization strategy", which will reward those who have best adapted this philosophy (whether a foreign company in Spain, or vice versa):

● Bikeinn

● Freshly Cosmetics

● Naturitas

To the "best strategy in marketplaces", which recognizes this area currently essential for the business online business:

● Aliexpress

● Pccomponents

● Promote

For "Best Rookie Ecommerce", which will be awarded as the best emerging online store:

● Star Galicia

● Frankie The King

● Velca motor

In "Best small ecommerce":

● Morpheus mattress


● Purpos

In the category "Best Medium Ecommerce":

● Direct pharmacies


● Tuvalum

To the "best ecommerce 2021", the main award of the edition and that recognizes the best among the best, opt this year:

● Click

● Colvin

● Freshly Cosmetics

In the category to the "Better [Email Protected] of the Year", awarding the directive head that has brought to its online stores, are:

● Estela Ye, executive director of Aliexpress Spain, Italy and France)

● Marina Moya, Ceo del Bolsalea

● Sara Werner, CEO and co-founder of Cocunat

This will be the awards ceremony

The winners of all the categories will be announced on October 21 at the farm of San Idelfonso, which will also be broadcast via streaming, starting at 4 pm, in a face -to -face gala within the framework of the 1st1 Digital Event.

This new edition, promoted by Marketing4commerce, has the collaboration of Club Ecommerce, together with the support of reference brands from the Ecommerce sector as Adyen, the payment gateway chosen by international leaders ecommerces internationally;the advanced doofinder search engine;And the Ecommerce Roland Digital tool, which are Gold Sponsor.

Likewise, the Feeds Management Tool for Channable Ecommerce, the PayComet Payment Services Provider, the Sistegound Hosting Company, the Celeritas Logistics Solution and the Payment Payment Tool will be the Silver Sponsor.For its part Boardfy, the price monitoring tool, will be the Bronze Sponsor.

We will continue communicating ...

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