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Sunbathe with economic cosmetics

By: payless

Sunbathe with economic cosmetics

Barcelona (Drafting of Vivé .- Not everyone reacts the same in front of the Sun, and it is true that it is necessary to take it at certain times and in short exhibitions since sunlight causes a large production of free radicals.Now, the sun is also beneficial for the organism and the skin because it facilitates the synthesis of vitamin D, says Annick Vanhollebeke, teacher, psychologist and aromatologist trained in the "College Aromatherapie" Dominique Baudoux in Belgium.

Conventional sun protection

The vast majority of dermatologists recommend sunbathing in a moderate way by applying sun protection. However, we never ask ourselves what kind of components these cosmetics carry. Among other substances, sun protections contain aluminum derivatives, benzofenones (oxibenzone and sulisobenzone), avobenzone (avobenzone, parsol 1789), Ecamsule (mexoryl), titanium dioxide, zinc oxide (T. souco) and even nanoparticles. These are ingredients suspected of being carcinogenic or even hormonal disruptors. It is still curious that, to protect ourselves from the dreaded melanoma, we are using carcinogenic substances. In addition, the use of protective creams often induces a false sense of security that can lead us to receive too much ultraviolet radiation, since the mere fact of applying more sunscreen on the skin does not protect us from cell damage. We are, therefore, before a dilemma: Should we sunbathe or not? With or without conventional sunscreens? Are there alternatives to them?

The economic solution

Given the lack of scientific evidence that demonstrates the safety of the ingredients of sun protection creams, it is preferable to look for an alternative to sunbathe.Recent studies have shown that certain vegetable oils have a not negligible sun protection factor, between 2 and 8*.These oils are also moisturizers, anti -translational and antioxidants at the cutaneous level.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), apart from being an excellent moisturizer even for fatty skin, contains a natural solar filter Factor 5 that protects us from the sun's rays favoring the tan.

Tomar el sol con cosmética econatural

Macadamia's plant oil (Macadamia Integrifolia), very rich in palmitholeic acid, is moisturizing and can serve as much as a protector of the sun's rays during the exposure and later rehydrate the skin.

Karité butter (Butyrospermum Parkii) has protective, emollient, nutritious and offers soft UV protection.

The carrot maceration

Some essential oils have a sun protection factor similar to that of vegetables.They also offer cutaneous and anti -inflammatory tonic properties.The most used in this case are: lavender (lavandula angustifolia), Hô's stick (Cinnamomum Camphora qt linalol), bitter orange (Citrus Aurantium ssp amara, leaf) or pink stick (Aniba Rosaeodora, leaf).

A preparation suggestion

The following formula allows you to enjoy a few hours of beach without ingredients suspected of being cancer or hormonal disruptors:

JOJOBA AV: 5 mm Carrot: 5ml Karité butter: 30mlav of Macadamia: 10 mlae of lavender: 12 drops

There are those who add 8 drops of vitamin and natural for its antioxidant power.It is found in any pharmacy.

To prepare it:

1. In a water bath, over low heat, melt Karité butter. 2.Once dissolved, remove from heat and add the other vegetable oils and remove until well mixed.Let cool and add a total of 12 drops of essential oils.They can be distributed among the essential oils recommended above with a maximum of 12 drops.In some cases a little vitamin E (about 8 drops) is added .4.Pour the mixture into a "Airless" bottle if possible.This bottle is recommended so that the manipulation of the product on the beach is practical and clean.This avoids touching the product of the bottle with your hands.Ask your pharmacist.

Apply as we would normally do with any sunscreen oil, renewing it every time it is necessary.Its texture is more consistent than that of other oils, by the karité butter it contains.It can be stored in the fridge, so when applying it will be liquid and fresh yet. Being a totally natural product, it is preferable to make small amounts that we are going to use in a few days or a few weeks, and save it in a cool place.

General recommendations

This type of natural preparation provides slight protection (SPF 2-8) that allows maximum exhibitions for a couple of hours whenever the central hours of the day are avoided.People with clear leather and young children should use higher protection.We must be aware of the limitations of this product.

If we want to use sun protection of a higher factor, we can resort to solar screens with bio certificates.It is the only guarantee we have not being applying healthy products constantly in our skin.

We must never forget that the sun can cost very expensive.The skin forgives but does not forget, has memory.There is no tan without risk, we must be exposed to the sun intelligently.

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The information provided has been raised to support, not replace, the direct relationship that exists/visitors of this website and their doctor.If you have health problems, consult your doctor.

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