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Make your own bardana oil for skin and hair

By: payless

Make your own bardana oil for skin and hair

The bardana is known in natural medicine as a powerful plant and its active ingredients have made their way to numerous hair cosmetic products.Bardana roots -based hair oils are especially popular.Unfortunately, many low -priced products have more oil derived paraffin than anything else, so it is advisable.

In addition to hair care, you can also use bardana root oil for skin care.It is especially indicated for dry skin and imperfections.

Bardana root oil properties

In hair care, bardana root oil impresses with its anti -inflammatory effect.Because inflamed hair roots are often a reason for hair loss and oil can improve the picture.

But Bardana's root oil can not only help the scalp.The healing ingredients of the Bardana root have an antifungal, antimicrobial, anti -inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Make bardana root oil yourself

A totally natural and high quality bardana root oil is easy to do.To do this, a cold extract is prepared with a base oil, for example, olive oil (for dry skin, scalp and hair), carrotam oil (for inflamed skins or with imperfections) or almond oil (for sensitive skin).

Haz tu propio aceite de bardana para la piel y el cabello

You can reap the Bardana's root yourself.It is collected from autumn to the winter of the first year of the plant or in the spring of the second year of the plant.You have to dig up and clean the root, cut it into pieces and let it dry for at least one day, until most of the water it contains has evaporated.The two medicinal varieties of the Bardana –grande (Arcium Lapa) and Small (Arcium Minus) - are suitable.

Ingredients for 100 ml of root oil:


  1. Coloca los trozos de raíz de bardana en un recipiente y vierte el aceite portador sobre ellos hasta que los trozos estén completamente cubiertos de aceite.
  2. Cierra el frasco y deja reposar durante cuatro semanas en un lugar protegido de la luz a temperatura ambiente. Agita a diario para prevenir el moho y para ayudar a disolver los ingredientes activos.
  3. Cuela el aceite de raíz de bardana con un colador en una botella oscura.

This homemade oil can be kept up to one year.

How to treat hair with bardana root oil

An oil treatment offers intense care for dry and damaged hair and stimulates its growth.It is also effective for dry dandruff or fat and scalp with itching.

You just have to massage the scalp and spread all the hair with the oil for three minutes at night.Then the hair is wrapped with a towel.Let act all night and in the morning wash the hair with warm water and a soft shampoo.Then he advises combing the hair with a natural brush or a fine comb to release him from the loose scales.The oil is applied once or twice a week until an improvement occurs.

After treatment, the rest of the days, you can add a few drops of oil to the shampoo.If your hair is very dry you can apply a few drops on the tips of the hair every day.

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How to treat skin with bardana oil

Bardana root oil can be used to care for and treat fatty, inflamed, squamous or impurities skin.You can apply it in moderation in the affected areas of the skin and directly on the pimples.It is also suitable for extensive areas in fatty skin, for example in the face, in the neckline and back area.

You can relieve acne, psoriasis or eczema.For skin with psoriasis, it is advisable to apply the oil and wrap the area with a clean bandage.You can let act during the night and rinse the next day.

In cases of burns, wounds that heal badly and boils, it favors healing.It also protects skin cells against free radicals and can favor their regeneration.

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